North Dakota

Dolphin Field, North Dakota; Consolidated Oil and Gas


International Reservoir Technologies has been the principal reservoir engineering consultant on the Dolphin Field through the discovery, development, gas cycling miscible displacement and performance monitoring phases of the life of this implementation of this volatile oil reservoir. The reservoir is a salt plugged carbonate with highly directional permeability. Equation of state fluid property characterization was performed on extensive laboratory tests in order to determine miscibility conditions and develop an accurate compositional reservoir simulation model. Development and operational alternatives are continuously evaluated including recompletions, infill drilling, water injection for sweep control, and blowdown scenarios. Each alternative is evaluated within gathering system, process plant, and compression constraints.

Eland Lodgepole Unit, Williston Basin, ND; Duncan Oil Co.


The Eland Lodgepole reservoir is geologically complex in terms of porosity types and pore volume determination.  A vuggy/fracture pore system results in a high effective permeability, which provides good productivity.  Extensive geologic and engineering analysis have been performed in order to construct a dual-porosity reservoir simulation model for use in field development and operations management.  The field is currently under waterflood and is expected to recover an extraordinarily high proportion of the original oil in place.