Middle East


Since 1999, IRT has been conducting large integrated studies on major Kuwaitee reservoirs.  These studies  involve a multidisciplinary project team and  (extended) training/mentorship opportunities in IRT's Colorado offices.  Seismic interpretation, petrophysics, geology and stratigraphy are utilized in deterministically guided stochastic static models, history match and prediction cases that ultimately aid in field development planning.

Middle East Field Locations

IRT was contracted to design a field development plan for miscible gas injection in a fractured reservoir.  This project involved participation in an integrated project team that negotiated the development contract, designed the surface facilities and development wells, and completed the subsurface evaluation.

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IRT was contracted to perform an integrated reservoir simulation study of the known gas reserves in the fractured carbonate reservoirs of a lease in Oman.  A simulation model of all of the pore-volume contributing to flow in the known gas reservoirs in the lease was built using the “most probable” properties identified in the data analysis and well test modeling.  That model was used to determine an optimum set of locations and orientations for production wells for the reservoirs.