Want to recover 15-20% more oil from your reservoir?

Find out why an Ethane Miscible gas flood is better than CO2.

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Ethane EOR Project Areas

                                                               •   Rockies has 32 Bstb ROIP
                                                               •   Mid-Continent has 105 Bstb ROIP
                                                               •   Texas has 135 Bstb ROIP
                                                               •   ROIP (NETL remaining oil in place)
                      Source: https://www.netl.doe.gov/file%21library/research/oil-gas/CO2_EOR_Primer.pdf

Ethane has universally lower minimum miscibility pressure than CO2

      •   It is the ideal miscible gas agent for EOR, readily available, very economic, and a proven technology
      •   Low minimum miscible pressures, comparable if not lower than CO2
      •   It is non-corrosive
      •   Candidate reservoirs available in all of the Regional JIPs
      •   Additional oil recovery 15-20%