IRT and Badley Ashton Partnership (November 2020)

IRT is pleased to announce a partnership with Badley Ashton. Badley Ashton’s aim is to provide quality and value through integrated consultancy. Our specialist teams target and solve specific challenges in reservoir characterization by finding better ways to use conventional techniques and by seeking out and developing new technologies.

Badley Ashton’s world-class expertise has extensive reach, meeting clients' needs worldwide from offices in the UK, USA, the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE. With over 35 years in the industry, since its establishment in 1982, Badley Ashton has completed over 2200 consultancy and training projects in over 60 countries worldwide for over 140 different client companies.

Badley Ashton’s work ranges in scale from focused sample analyses to single, multi-well, field and regional characterization directed at specific issues along the exploration-appraisal-development-production cycle, and covers a wide spectrum of technical skills from borehole image interpretation and core sedimentology to fluid inclusion analysis. Our multi-disciplinary carbonate and clastic specialist teams are carefully structured so they can provide robust integrated solutions to today's industry challenges.

Services include:


IRT and DK GeoScience Services partnership (August 2020)

IRT is pleased to announce a partnership with DK GeoScience Services. DKGSS has a network of established and knowledgeable professionals to meet your upstream oil, gas, and geothermal needs.

DK GeoScience Services’ personnel average over 33 years of experience and, in conjunction with International Reservoir Technologies, can provide technical services, consulting, managerial, and training expertise in the areas of;


Reservoir Engineering


Petroleum Engineering


Integrated Reservoir Characterization


Drilling, Completions and Workovers


Asset Management and Valuations

IRT and CMG announce strategic partnership (Dec 31, 2011)

IRT are pleased to announce the adoption of the Computer Modeling Group (CMG) suite reservoir simulation software IMEX, GEM and STARS - as our preferred choice for on-going and future projects. While we retain licenses from other vendors, you, our clients, will still have a large say in which software we use in your studies. However, if asked for a preference, we will now be using and recommending the appropriate package from the CMG Suite.

As users of CMG software for over 9 years, IRT have been impressed with its ability to solve the many challenging problems encountered in our shop. We have successfully applied CMG systems to primary, secondary IOR, and tertiary EOR projects. We have also successfully reproduced results from other reservoir simulation packages during large scale project conversions.

The GEM and IMEX applications include advanced features as part of the basic package which are optional or nonexistent in the competition's software. Examples include modeling thermal effects as well as having dual porosity/dual permeability options.

The BUILDER pre-processing module has shown great versatility in importing complex, faulted geocellular models from different vendors. Alternatively, a simulation model can be built from the ground up from basic geologic elements, such as well logs and maps.

Perhaps even more important to us is the clear dedication shown by CMG management to provide the highest quality software AND support. In our view, the CMG team are far more responsive to issues that arise than their commercial competitors. It appears to us that their business model is much better aligned with the reservoir simulation community due to a corporate focus on our needs.