IRT & Rock Flow Dynamics (tNavigator) announce strategic partnership (Dec. 2023)

IRT is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD), solidifying our commitment to excellence in reservoir modeling. The cornerstone of this partnership is the adoption of RFD’s software platform for static and dynamic modeling, tNavigator, as the preferred choice for both ongoing and future projects. However, you, our client, may still specify a specific software for your studies.

Having used tNavigator on projects over the past years, IRT have found the tNavigator suite extremely powerful, easy to learn, loaded with import and conversion capabilities and VERY cost effective. Learning from past experience with legacy products, the Rock Flow Dynamics R&D team has developed an integrated product suite with a seamless user interface, breaking the barrier between Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering domains. The Geoscience modules use the same infrastructure as the Simulator module so everything is optimized for performance, and the close link between geoscience and simulator makes it possible to run comprehensive ensemble studies.

The tNavigator Reservoir Simulator has all the science to take on Conventional/Unconventional, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Thermal/Geothermal, CCS/CCUS projects, all powered by a highly parallelized architecture. IRT can use tNavigator to import most existing simulation model types (ECL, CMG, etc.) directly, and export Eclipse compatible models, giving IRT the flexibility to output to the most recognized industry standard. The modern tNavigator architecture of a CPU/GPU computational solution, paired with a modern licensing model (giving access to all CPUs on a single node), make even billion cell reservoir simulation within reach on IRT projects. The Geoscience modules include comprehensive and intuitive tools for interpretation of seismic and well data, modeling of structural framework and reservoir properties. As a Strategic R&D focus, the tNavigator Geoscience modules have rapidly evolved over the past several years putting competitor solutions on their heels.

At a time when product support in the industry is on the decline, RFD has displaced the competition with a best-in-class global support team and support case turnaround rate that allow IRT to deliver on-time and on-budget for time sensitive projects.

IRT and Badley Ashton Partnership (Nov. 2020)

IRT is pleased to announce a partnership with Badley Ashton. Badley Ashton’s aim is to provide quality and value through integrated consultancy. Our specialist teams target and solve specific challenges in reservoir characterization by finding better ways to use conventional techniques and by seeking out and developing new technologies.

Badley Ashton’s world-class expertise has extensive reach, meeting clients' needs worldwide from offices in the UK, USA, the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE. With over 35 years in the industry, since its establishment in 1982, Badley Ashton has completed over 2200 consultancy and training projects in over 60 countries worldwide for over 140 different client companies.

Badley Ashton’s work ranges in scale from focused sample analyses to single, multi-well, field and regional characterization directed at specific issues along the exploration-appraisal-development-production cycle, and covers a wide spectrum of technical skills from borehole image interpretation and core sedimentology to fluid inclusion analysis. Our multi-disciplinary carbonate and clastic specialist teams are carefully structured so they can provide robust integrated solutions to today's industry challenges.

Services include: