Agave Field, Mexico; SSI / PEMEX

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Akal Field, Cantarell Complex, Mexico; PEMEX


(Western Atlas subcontract)

The Akal Field is  a giant fractured carbonate reservoir that  is part of the large Cretaceous reef trend running along Mexico's North Yucatan coast.  Almost 40% of Mexico's daily oil production comes from the Akal, which is the largest oil field in the Western Hemisphere.  International Reservoir Technologies has acted in an on-site advisory capacity for production engineering and reservoir engineering. International Reservoir Technologies was involved in a multi-disciplinary integrated project team that started with 3-D seismic data and well logs, and resulted in an Eclipse reservoir simulation model. International Reservoir Technologies provided guidance in planning future Enhanced Oil Recovery for the field and also performed an analysis of artificial lift using Petroleum Experts PROSPER software, and acted on behalf of PEMEX in outlining the planned artificial lift program to equipment suppliers. International Reservoir Technologies proposed a combination of improved gas-lift and electric submersible pumps to improve production in the field.

Carmito Reservoir, Mexico; PEMEX

(Veritas subcontract)

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