Since 1989, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc. (IRT) has been developing and updating full field models including the largest oil reservoir in North America, Prudhoe Bay.  Past and present projects have ranged from providing manpower to complete studies, with IRT personnel working between IRT's Lakewood office (located west of Denver) and the client's offices.  The models we have built range from high resolution type-pattern / mechanistic models to full field models, conventional black oil to fully compositional, including anywhere between 10 and 3000 wells and matching almost 30 years of producing history to parametric studies for exploration plays.

Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska; BP Exploration


Prudhoe Bay is one of the largest fields in North America. International Reservoir Technologies has been performing modeling studies of this reservoir since 1990 and continues to perform compositional simulation studies including a new full field model.  All of the models have been built and maintained using the Landmark VIP family of simulation software. The full field model is based on a deterministic petrophysical reservoir description and the latest 3-D seismic interpretation of the Field's structure. The model has a sequence of lower porosity, lower net-to-gross, relatively shale-free sands, in the middle, and much lower porosity, low net-to gross sands separated by mapable flood plain shales at the bottom of the reservoir. The degree of vertical communication within the reservoir at any point usually controls the performance of wells in that area; successfully modeling the Ivishak reservoir is therefore highly dependent on correctly representing the variations in vertical communication throughout the reservoir.

The effects of water injection, dry gas cycling into the gas cap, miscible gas displacement using a WAG procedure in patterns, well fracture treatments and gas production levels have all been modeled using the VIP suite of software. International Reservoir Technologies has also integrated existing reservoir description geo-statistical models into "type pattern" sector models to study the miscible gas displacement process using both compositional and Todd-Longstaff PVT formulations. These sector studies included studies of the impact of vertical and areal gridding density and scale-up techniques on the predicted miscible displacement recovery. Phase behavior of the fluids has been studied, and equation of state parameters derived.

Schrader Bluff Field, N. Slope Alaska, BP Exploration


This was an EOR/miscible gas feasibility study to evaluate miscibility conditions for this North Slope Alaska reservoir. Swelling tests were modeled using a PVT simulator, and compositional slimtube displacements were modeled with VIP simulation models. International Reservoir Technologies also built and evaluated a pattern WAG process model.

Milne Point Unit, N. Slope Alaska; BP Exploration

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Niakuk Field, N. Slope Alaska; BP Exploration

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Endicott Field, N. Slope Alaska; BP Exploration


Endicott is a large oil reservoir just offshore on the North Slope of Alaska. IRT has constructed and history matched a new full field model of the reservoir, and we are now building a compositional and Todd-Longstaff version of the model.  Sector models to study a new miscible gas displacement project at Endicott will be imbedded into a coarse grid version of this full field model. All of the models are based on a geo-statistical based geocellular reservoir description of over 19 million cells. Geological modeling of the reservoir in this valley-fill, tidally influenced fluvial-deltaic environment was accomplished through facies and petrophysical modeling using geo-statistical techniques, namely object modeling and sequential Gaussian simulation respectively. The geological models were successfully up-scaled to the full field model gridding - coarse root grid with multiple "fine" grids embedded in the oil intervals of each geologic zone - using the Landmark/VIP gridgenr/array software suite. Again, reservoir performance and the model's ability to accurately model that performance are controlled by the level of vertical communication at each point in the reservoir.

North Star, N. Slope Alaska; BP Exploration


International Reservoir Technologies built a 59,000 grid cell, 11 component VIP model of this volatile oil reservoir and has simulated several prediction scenarios to support the facilities design team in determining project economics.

PT Thompson Field, Alaska; BP Exploration

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Liberty Field, Alaska; BP Exploration

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Badami Field, Alaska; BP Exploration


International Reservoir Technologies built a 202,000 grid cell model of this turbidite reservoir based on detailed geophysical and geostatistical interpretations. The model was used to evaluate recovery sensitivities to reservoir description variables as part of the overall commerciality decision-making process.