Mr. Walter Dobbs III

Reservoir Engineer Advisor

✓    Petroleum engineer with 25+ years’ experience forecasting reservoir behavior and supporting programs designed to maximize oil and gas recovery and investment returns for Fortune 500 exploration and production companies.

✓    Specialized in reservoir modeling/ reservoir simulation, well testing, reservoir fluids PVT analysis, for a central role in field appraisal, development planning, and production optimization. Expert in use of commercial reservoir simulation and modeling packages including Eclipse, VIP, Nexus, CMG, GeoSim, Kappa, and PETEX.

✓    Provided technical analysis to rationalize field developments for conventional, unconventional, onshore, and deepwater plays in the DJ, Permian, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, Western Canadian, and Berkine Basins. Detailed cost-effective reservoir depletion schemes such as water-flood and gas injection to maximize hydrocarbon recovery.

✓    Used physics-based fracture and reservoir modeling with multivariate analysis in novel ways to forecast field performance and create elegant well spacing and completion designs that reduced production cost and improved commercial metrics.

Reservoir Engineering • Reservoir Simulation • Field Development • Reservoir Management • Production Optimization • Onshore • Deepwater • Unconventional • EOR • Reservoir Characterization • Reservoir Modeling • History Matching • Uncertainty Analysis • Reservoir Fluids PVT • Well Testing • Pressure Transient Analysis • Rate Transient Analysis • Completions • Hydraulic Fracturing • Reserves • Communications



Sr. Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Applied results of reservoir management - well spacing & completion optimization - field studies to build a high-return drilling and completions program for the Wattenberg Field Niobrara/ Denver-Julesburg Basin play. Partnered with geoscience, drilling, completions, production, planning, and management to build consensus and create improved development plans.

  • Provided technical foundation for improved design of 240 wells (mixed length) totaling +$1B in capex with projected 50 million BOE. Improved financial ROR of all wells to at least 50%, applying new design process to adjust completion volumes at Drilling Spacing Unit (DSU) level (6-18 wells) based on local geology, reservoir fluid type, well spacing and well stacking pattern.
  • Trained 20 subsurface technical staff on reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation, field optimization, and reservoir fluids management for Rockies assets.


Sr. Reservoir Engineering Advisor | Denver, CO • Sep 2012–Aug 2019

Appointed lead technical reservoir engineer for Wattenberg Niobrara field in the Denver-Julesburg Basin encompassing 1500 operated horizontal wells and an active drilling program with a $1B, 300-well (5000-ft equivalent) annual budget. Pioneered reservoir simulation workflows integrating hydraulic fracturing and reservoir depletion processes for improved well spacing, stacking, and completion design. Developed the company’s first multi-well, multi-target dynamic model to understand drilling-completion-reservoir interactions. Provided production forecasts in support of development planning, economic evaluation and optimization, and annual reserves reports.

  • Built reservoir models to optimize drilling program to meet sustained demand of 200 Mboe/d under assigned budget.
  • Coordinated well tests, reservoir pressure surveys, and reservoir fluid PVT characterization program across Rockies assets, providing fundamental data for geoscience, engineering, and planning workflows.
  • Created, with reservoir characterization team, a design workflow adapted by DJ Basin business unit to plan its 250-well annual drilling and completion program. The technique was extended to the Powder River and Delaware Basins.
  • Detailed a comprehensive reservoir development plan for a 30 sqm field extension by collecting appropriate data, constructing fit-for-purpose models, and evaluating simulated performance for several alternative developments. The final design used 8 wells/section with 45 to 55 bbl/ft completion fluid loading.
  • Interpreted a focused collection of stimulation, production, and downhole pressure data in a 640-acre project with 15 legacy vertical wells and 4 new horizontal wells leading to an improved understanding of hydraulic fracture characterization in 3D and over time.
  • Taught reservoir fluids characterization and reservoir simulation skills to +50 engineers, geologists, and managers. Mentored and collaborated with reservoir engineers in Denver, Midland, and Houston.
  • Represented company in Colorado School of Mines research programs and served as onshore reservoir engineering SME for company-wide engineering competency initiative.

Project Reservoir Engineering Advisor | Houston, TX • Jul 2004–Aug 2012

Spearheaded field development planning and optimization studies for Deep-Water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Studied K2 Field multi-reservoir system for well planning, Improved Oil Recovery process selection and artificial lift design. Pioneered and standardized coupled subsurface-surface modeling routine that improved design capabilities on GoM and Mozambique projects. Designed flow test to appraise Lucius Field and reservoir simulation models to support its initial plan of development.

  • Added 16 MMbbl to net proved reserves for K2 Field; recommended riser gas as optimal artificial lift solution, and backed cancellation of the Nitrogen Injection project in favor of water flood process, reducing cost and risk profile.
  • Coordinated Al Rayyan Field development opportunities; recommended 5 new wells for 12 MMbbl increase in reserves.
  • Helped secure approval for Lucius Field $4B investment in 80 Mb/d Spar facility for 300 MMboe resource target.
  • Led International Exploration Team appraisal and development projects in the Middle East carbonate, North American Arctic fluvial, and Gulf of Mexico turbidite systems.
  • Provided internal consulting as part of Corporate Technology team: contributed to Wyoming EOR – CO2 injection design, Gulf of Mexico development plans, Indonesia exploration evaluations, and Ghana discovery pre-development forecasting.
  • Facilitated Reservoir Engineering company forum. Taught and mentored on data acquisition, PVT properties, analytical reservoir engineering, and reservoir simulation.
  • Appointed Anadarko’s representative on DeepStar joint industry reservoir engineering committee. Piloted new reservoir simulation software and hardware systems.


Sr. Staff Reservoir Engineer – Anadarko | Calgary, Alberta - 2002 to 2004
Staff Reservoir Engineer – Anadarko | Houston, TX - Pre 2000
Sr. Reservoir Engineer – Anadarko | London, United Kingdom - Pre 2000
Reservoir Engineer – Anadarko | Houston, TX - Pre 2000
Production Engineer – Amoco Production Company | Houston, TX - Pre 2000


Master of Science, Petroleum Engineering – The University of Houston
Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering – The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts, Plan II Honors (Liberal Arts) – The University of Texas at Austin


Reservoir simulation: ECLIPSE, VIP, NEXUS, CMG, GEOSIM, associated optimizers
Analytical well performance analysis: Kappa Engineering, IHS Harmony, Petroleum Experts suites
Fluids characterization: PVTSim (CalSep), WinProp (CMG), PVTP (PetEx)
Geo-cellular modelling: PETREL


Registered Professional Engineer (PE) – State of Texas #84628; State of Colorado #0056710, State of Wyoming #17868
Toastmasters International – Competent Communicator
BSA Advanced Leadership Training – Wood Badge


SPE - Member, Committee for Applied Technology Workshop ‘Rate/Pressure Transient Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs’ | Montview Presbyterian Church – Board of Deacons | Boy Scouts of America – Cubmaster, Den Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counsellor, Order of the Arrow Advisor, National Youth Leadership Training staff, District Training staff


Rosenhagen, N. M., Nash, S. D., Dobbs, W. C., and Tanner, K. T. (2019). Dimensionless Section-Level “Cumulative Oil vs. Pumped Fluid” Normalization Plot in Unconventional Development. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 195204-MS presented at the SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium, Oklahoma City, OK, 9-10 April.

Tanner, K. V., Dobbs, W. C., & Nash, S. D. (2019, January 29). Right-Sized Completions: Data and Physics-Based Design for Stacked Pay Horizontal Well Development. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/194312-MS presented at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, The Woodlands, TX, 5-7 February.

Tryggestad, M., Dobbs, W., 2017. Niobrara Carbonate. Presentation to the AAPG/SPE Unconventional Reservoir Summit II, The Woodlands, TX, 21-24 August.

Griffith, Chris and Mark McClure, 2016. Insights from Pressure Transients at Observation Wells near Hydraulically Fractured Wells in a Domestic Shale Play, Society of Exploration Geophysicists and American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 13 October. (Omitted co-author due to Anadarko confidentiality requirements)

Dobbs, W., Browning, B., and Killough, J., 2011. Coupled Surface/Subsurface Simulation of Anadarko’s Offshore K2 Field. Paper SPE 145070 presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9-11 October, and the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Denver, Colorado, USA, 30-October – 2 November 2011.

Dobbs, W. 2009. Screening vs. Refinement – Recent History Match Studies from Deepwater GOM. Presentation to SPE History Matching Workshop, Galveston, TX, 10 November

Dobbs, W. 2009. Keeping up with the Drill Bit – Use of Reservoir Simulation as an Exploration/ Appraisal Tool. Presentation to SPE Gulf Coast Section Reservoir Simulation Forum, Houston, TX, 15 May

Melichar, H, Reingruber, A., Shotts, D., and Dobbs, W., 2003. Use of PEBI Grids for a Heavily Faulted Reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico. Paper SPE 84373 presented at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Denver, Colorado, USA, 5-8 October