Mr. Joseph A. Dozzo


Mr. Dozzo is a reservoir engineer with over 41 years. experience in computer based reservoir studies ranging from multi-well petrophysical studies, to reservoir simulation studies and reservoir simulation software development and support. As President and a senior consultant with the company, his responsibilities include both management of multi-disciplinary study teams and active participation in the technical work to ensure the successful execution of reservoir studies for industry clients, both large multi-nationals, and local independents. His experience includes the building and history matching of both large and small, two phase, black oil and compositional single and dual porosity VIP and Eclipse reservoir models, and their subsequent application in performance predictions. His prior experience includes management of software development and client support efforts, development of simulation models and their associated pre- and post-processing software, technical support for computer hardware and software installations, and the application of mapping and simulation tools in both consulting and production environments. Mr. Dozzo has international consulting experience in Algeria, Tunisia, Kuwait, UK, Norway, Spain, Yugoslavia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Colombia, as well as many areas within the U.S.


1990 to Present - President and Senior Consultant, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Duties include directing and conducting all aspects of reservoir simulation studies with emphasis on compositional and miscible displacement reservoir studies. Major current projects include: build and history match 3,000,000+ cell compositional VIP model of Prudhoe Bay Alaska, build integrated surface facilities and reservoir prediction models for PBU, work on design of PBU Gas Cap Water Injection, expanded Miscible Injection in PBU and Major Gas Sales, migrate model to new parallel computing environment. In total, Mr Dozzo has over 16 years direct involvement developing and maintaining Prudhoe Bay and other North Slope reservoir models.

Other recent work (3-5 years) includes 800,000 cell VIP tight gas sand model, Uinta Basin, Utah and 450,000 cell VIP tight gas sand model, Mamm Creek, Colorado. Additionally, performs corporate administrative, financial, marketing and planning functions.

Mr. Dozzo has managed five multi-million dollar integrated studies for a major client in the Middle East. Projects were typically 14 to 28 months in duration and included seismic interpretation, attribute analysis, geology, stratigraphy, petrophysics, reservoir and production engineering in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. All projects were delivered on time, within budget and exceeding client expectations.

1989 - Manager - Reservoir Engineering Products, Scientific Software Intercomp

Produced and coordinated software development plans, implementing corporate emphasis on product integration. Technical responsibilities included SimEase, an interactive graphic pre- and post-processor for Reservoir Simulation Products; black oil simulator support and development; and maintenance of Xenix based software products.

1988 - Manager - Reservoir Simulation Products, Scientific Software Intercomp

Managed staff enhancing and developing SSI's Black Oil, Compositional and Thermal Reservoir Simulation Software Products. Evaluated existing PC operating systems for potential use for new products. Initiated, converted and demonstrated feasibility of 386 Xenix based PC simulation products. Continued responsibility for all aspects of interactive graphic pre- and post-processor.

1987 - Manager, Workstation Products, Scientific Software Intercomp

Managed development team producing a new software product to begin integrating several existing application products. Directly involved in all aspects of product design, development, implementation, conversions, installations and on-site training.

1984 to 1987 - Supervisor, Reservoir Products, Scientific Software Intercomp, London, England

Responsible for reservoir simulation products in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Participated in development, testing, documenting reservoir models for black oil, dual porosity, miscible flood and compositional simulation. Instructed client company engineers in the use of SSI's models in London and on-site.

1982 to 1984 - Senior Applications Consultant, Scientific Software Corporation

Participated in reservoir simulator development, testing and documentation for SSC's black oil models. Instructor for SSC's Industry schools in use of simulation products both in-house and on-site as appropriate. Technical representative to foreign and domestic client base for support and maintenance of SSC's reservoir simulation software.

1980 to 1982 - Jr. Reservoir Engineer, Scientific Software Corporation

Performed reservoir simulation studies for domestic and international oil companies. Experience included history matching and performance predictions for several black oil waterfloods, CO2 miscible and gravity stable miscible floods and chemical/surfactant floods.

1978 to 1979 - Log Analyst, Scientific Software Corporation

Participated in several large field well log analysis studies as preparation for in-house reservoir simulation studies. Also contributed to internal development of batch well log analysis system and model formulation. 


Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1974-78


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Dozzo, J.A. and Hill, A.C.: "Some Aspects of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulation", 11th IMACS World Congress; Oslo, Norway; 1985.


Society of Petroleum Engineers/AIME


Discipline Description
Reservoir Simulation Courses on both theory and application including hands-on "simulation in practice" type training
Enhanced Oil Recovery Introductory overview of EOR techniques


Software Description
NHANCE 3 dimensional, 3 phase general purpose miscible displacement finite difference simulator
SIMBEST II, VIP, ECLIPSE 100, DRS 3 dimensional, 3 phase general purpose black oil finite difference simulator
SimEase, SCSGRAF, SIMOUT, Plotview, 3DView, TecPlot SimEase, SCSGRAF, Interactive for black oil, compositional and thermal reservoir simulation models
DRS THERMAL 3 dimensional, 3 phase, 4 component steamflood finite difference simulator
MKIT, CVIP, COMP4 3 dimensional, 3 phase, N-component compositional finite difference simulator



Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

Client Location Description
Questar Uinta Basin (Utah) Build and history match high-resolution simulation model for hyd fractured tight gas sand reservoir. Use object modeling and geostatistical methods to help define sensitivities and uncertainty. Used calibrated model to develop type curves, predict infill well performance and optimal well spacing for field development.

Questar Kinney / Hiawatha Wyoming/Colorado Reservoir study to characterize dual-permeability behavior in overpressured gas multi-reservoir model.

Questar Greater Almond Wyoming Reservoir study to characterize dual-permeability behavior in overpressured gas multi-reservoir model.

Encana Mamm Creek (Colorado) Build and match performance, match quarter section model for fractured tight gas sand reservoir. Use object modeling and geostatistical methods to help define sensitivities and uncertainty. Used calibrated model to develop type curves, predict infill well performance and optimal well spacing for field development.

BP/KOC North Kuwait 2001 - 2015 Lead 7 project teams developing high resolution RMS static and VIP dynamic history match models for various reservoirs. Each study included new reservoir description developed from independent seismic interpretation incorporating a modern stratigraphic model and updated petrophysics all inputs to a deterministically constrained RMS static model.

CEPSA Ourhoud (Algeria) Design and build 6-component full field model for use on equity, waterflood and miscible gasflood analysis, EOS development, reservoir characterization, upscaling and pseudoization.

BP Amoco Yacheng 13-1 (S. China Sea) Provide technical assistance on various aspects of modeling large offshore gas field.

BP Exploration Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) Principal Engineer in multi-company, multi-disciplinary team commissioned to build Greater Prudhoe Bay Full Field Multi-Reservoir Model, 2010-2015. Approximately 7MM total cells, 4000+ faults resulting in ~2MM NNC's, 5000+ wells and over 500000 perforation events. Model req's 94 nodes in parallel. Model used to design projects like Major Gas Sales, monitor existing fieldwide projects like Gas Cap Water Injection and the management / expansion of other projects like Prudhoe Bay Miscible Gas Injection.

BP Exploration Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) Design, build and history match new compositional full field model (60 acre cell) with integrated surface facilities. (1996) Use model for field wide evaluation and planning issues for both surface and subsurface concerns. Model is also used with LGR's to study and evaluate localized well pad / drill site opportunities.

BP Exploration Badami (Alaska) Build field scale black oil and 10 component compositional models based on detailed geophysical and geostatistical interpretation. Models were used to evaluate recovery and sensitivities to reservoir description variables as part of the overall commerciality decision making process.

BP Exploration Northstar (N. Slope Alaska) Build field scale 11 component, volatile oil model to support facilities design team in determining project economics.

BP Exploration PT Thompson (Alaska) Build field scale 10 component, gas condensate volatile oil model to support facilities design team in determining project economics.

BP Exploration Liberty (Alaska) Build field scale 11 component, volatile oil model to support facilities design team in determining project economics.

BP Exploration Schrader Bluff (N. Slope, Alaska) EOR / MI feasibility study. Evaluate miscibility conditions with swelling tests in PBT simulator and compositional slimtube simulation models. Also, build and evaluate pattern model WAG process.

Pemex Cantarell Complex (Mexico) Work with and train PEP engineers in joint study on giant dual-porosity carbonate 3-reservoir offshore complex.

Whiting Petroleum Sable Unit (W. Texas) Engineering study of West Texas San Andres CO2 flood. History match primary depletion, waterflood and CO2 performance and develop future operating strategy.

Questar Island Butte Field (Colorado) Reservoir study to characterize dual-permeability behavior in overpressured gas reservoir.

Questar Dripping Rock Field Wyoming Reservoir study to characterize dual-permeability behavior in overpressured gas reservoir.

Celsius Energy Mulligan Draw Field Wyoming Build simulation models to match pressure buildups for damaged vertical and horizontal wells.

General Atlantic East Hawley Field Oklahoma Analyze geologic and engineering data to evaluate waterflood candidate.

Celsius Energy Cutthroat Field Colorado Engineering study to history match and optimize development plans for volatile oil carbonate reservoir. Evaluate CO2 potential.

Masek Oil South Texas Evaluate unconventional thermal recovery project in thin shallow sandstone reservoir.

Washington Energy Henry Unit Wyoming Engineering study to characterize field and history match primary and gas cycling operations. Evaluate expanded cycling and infill development plans.

Duncan Energy Royal Draw Wyoming Simulation study to evaluate waterflood performance in Minnelusa reservoir.

Q.G.P.C. North Field (Qatar) Development study of the Khuff-4 horizon.

Q.G.P.C. Idd El Shargi (Offshore Qatar) Reservoir management study development of geological model and extensive reservoir simulation.

Tenneco Yowlumne (California) Reservoir engineering study to predict oil recovery from waterflood and miscible gas injection

Thums Wilmington (California) EOR study to predict oil recovery from a waterflood a caustic flood.

Union Texas Petroleum Wellman (Texas) Reservoir engineering study to determine recovery by gravity drainage using a miscible gas displacement.

Sonatrach Rhourde Nouss (Algeria) Develop geological model and use reservoir simulation to design optimum gas cycling project.

Kuwait Oil Raudhatain (Kuwait) Reservoir management study. Infill drilling, waterflooding and EOR were investigated.

Wintershall Zubair Reservoir Kuwait Simulation study to determine locations and recovery rates for a gas condensate reservoir.

Petronas - Offshore Sarawak Three Fields Malaysia Reserves audit and future operating plan evaluation.

Brunei Shell / Petronas Offshore Fairley Baram Sarawak (Brunei) Equity determination including geophysical, petro-physical and engineering evaluation.

Santos South Australia Field study and reservoir description

U.S. Dept. of Energy South Louisiana Analyzed and simulated wells completed in geopressured / geothermal aquifers.

Iraq National Oil Company Kirkuk (Iraq) Reservoir study involving reservoir description, reservoir engineering and simulation of complex fractured dual porosity reservoir.

Sandia Nat'l Laboratories New Mexico Aquifer tests for reservoir characterization using INTERPRET for nuclear waste isolation pilot plant.

Hamilton Brothers Bruce (North Sea) Compositional study to optimize gas cycling operations, including natural depletion, water injection, dry gas cycling and nitrogen injection.

Oasis Oil Faregh (Libya) Integrated study involving geology, petrophysics and reservoir simulation of field sandstone reservoirs with black oil/thin oil column/gas condensate.

Tricentrol Wytch Farm Field (London) History match of the Sherwood Reservoir, and "East-West" fault block with a sandstone lithology of Triassic age containing under-saturated oil.

Ruhrgas Gas Storage (U.K.) Gas storage evaluation project for an on-shore field using reservoir simulation.

Louisiana Land & Exploration North Brae (North Sea) Evaluate dry gas cycling and infill locations completion strategies.