Mr. Eric Ding


Mr. Ding has over 23 years' experience, in reservoir engineering studies for international operators in Alaska and Algeria. His responsibilities have included computer based reservoir simulation studies, project management and field operations. He has expertise with both building and running reservoir simulation models, having managed and analysed PVT/EOS and SCAL studies. He has utilized large reservoir models to generate history matched models and conduct reservoir development and optimization studies. The reservoirs have ranged from water, gas, and miscible floods in fields with light and viscous oils, gas condensates, and thermal recovery of heavy oil. His prior experience includes reserves estimation and documentation. Mr. Ding is a licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in the state of Minnesota.


2013 to Present - Senior Consultant, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

- Duties include directing all aspects of integrated reservoir simulation projects and conducting the engineering phases through to prediction and reporting.

- Recent projects include:

  • Evaluation of cyclic hydrocarbon enhanced recovery in the Eagle Ford unconventional oil reservoir for multiple clients for screening and pilot planning.
  • Engineering evaluation, model build, and history matching for updating of development plans and reserves - Libya.
  • History matching and development planning of a miscible gas project involving significant facility expansion and infill drilling - Algeria.
  • Simulation of a fractured carbonate for thermal recovery - Bahrain.
  • Engineering evaluations of completion and developments - Kuwait.
  • History matching and development planning of a large, tight, mature, fractured carbonate field in onshore US.
  • Integration of pipeline hydraulics into a mature gas field history match for debottlenecking and expansion opportunities.
  • 2009 to 2013 - Anadarko Algeria - El Merk Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer

    - Lead reservoir engineer for development of the El Merk field from 2009 project sanction until 2013 (year of first oil). 

    - Evaluated large SCAL and PVT programs, which have been integrated into simulation models. The complex fluid system included saturated and under saturated oils, as well as gas condensates and lean gas fields.
- Worked with multi-disciplinary team to rebuild full-field models as new drilling information became available. Matched the models to extensive database of well tests and interference data, and updated the field development plan. 

    - Evaluated potential benefits of miscible and immiscible WAG flooding. 

    1997 to 2009 - BP Exploration (Alaska)

    Project Evaluation Experience:

    Evaluated potential recovery of development projects from Alaskan assets (Prudhoe Bay/Endicott/Orion/Polaris) along with estimates economic valuations (NPV, RoR, etc).

    2007 to 2009 Orion/Polaris Viscous Oil Reservoir Engineer

    - Water and miscible flood management of the Prudhoe Bay viscous oil satellites, Orion and Polaris, using both simulation and analytical techniques.
- Worked with a team to update and improve reservoir models historical and predictive performance.
- Performed studies to identify EOR opportunities, including low salinity, polymer, and chemical EOR flooding.

    Prudhoe Bay Reservoir Simulation Engineer, 2001 to 2007

    - Coordinated and provided project management for the rebuild of the Prudhoe Bay Full Field Model (FFM). Participated in geologic modelling discussions to improve initialization, history matching, and predictive efforts.
- Utilized the FFM for base reservoir management and project evaluation. Quantified benefits for capital projects designed to increase oil recovery. Project evaluations included Major Gas Sales, gas handling expansions, Gas Cap Water Injection expansion, increased waterflood injection, and injection pattern expansions.
- Reserves estimation and long term production forecasting for SEC reserve filings. (2004 to 2007)

    - Acted as the Anchorage Simulation Coordinator from 2001-2009, with responsibility for sharing best practices amongst Alaskan reservoir simulation practitioners and representing Alaska specific simulation needs to the central technology division.

    Endicott Reservoir Engineer, 1998 to 2001

    - Development and utilization of Endicott FFM for long term predictions and evaluation of drilling prospects. Built and ran models in support of satellite field development.

    - Managed the Endicott miscible gas EOR flood using both analytical tools and mechanistic compositional models. Oversight of a PVT program for a new equation of state and construction of new simulation models from the current geologic model.
- Reserves estimation and production forecasting.

    Prudhoe Bay Production Engineer, 1997 to 1998

    - Recommended wellwork and optimized well production for 30+ wells in Prudhoe Bay.
    - Supervised wellwork on-site in Prudhoe Bay (6 month rotation).


    Licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) - Minnesota License #49553, 2011 - Present 





    Reservoir simulation programs: VIP, Eclipse, tNavigator, STARS
    PVT evaluation software (PVTsim, DTPVT, CMG WinProp)
    Pressure Transient Analysis (Saphir)
    Unix/Linux operating systems + Fortran and AWK programming languages


    Ding, E., Harrison, P., Dozzo, J., and Lin, C.Y.: "Prudhoe Bay: Rebuilding a Giant Oil and Gas Full Field Model", Paper SPE 120967 presented at 2009 SPE Western Regional Meeting, San Jose, California

    Copen, J.D., Bergbauer, S., Ding, E., Konkler, J., Ramnath, S., Dozzo, J., Scheihing, M.H., Thompson, R.D., and Towery, L.M.: "Challenges of Full-Field Modeling a Giant Oil and Gas Field: Prudhoe Bay Field, North Slope of Alaska", presented at the 2006 GCSSEPM Bob Perkins Research Conference, Houston, Texas

    Starling, K.E.; Ding, E.R.; Harwell, J.H.; and Mallinson, R.G.: "Method for Improving Natural Gas Energy Density at Ambient Temperatures"; Energy & Fuels, 1995, Vol. 9, No. 6.

    Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

    Client Location Description
    CEPSA RKF (Algeria) History matching and EOS development for compositional full field model. Utilized on field development planning of waterflood and miscible gas flood optimization.
    Occidental Bravo Dome History matching of a CO2 gas field with integrated surface pipeline network. Utilized model for debottlenecking and expansion evaluations.
    Occidental North Cowden History matching of mature waterflooded carbonate. Evaluation of potential recovery opportunities.
    Bahrain History matching of thermal recovery of heavy oil in fractured carbonate.
    Bahrain Evaluated potential increased recovery via double-displacement.