Mr. Richard G. Dillon


Mr. Dillon is a registered professional engineer (Wyoming and Texas) with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of reservoir engineering including numerical simulation, technical and economic project evaluation, secondary and tertiary recovery processes, and property acquisitions. His background includes a wide range of experience and skills gained from reservoir, production, and drilling assignments. Recent projects include constructing and utilizing multi-reservoir compositional models, gas storage reservoir analysis and EOR evaluations.


1995 to Present - Vice President and Senior Consultant, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Responsibilities include the planning and completion of reservoir studies utilizing conventional and numerical simulation techniques. Assignments include international and domestic projects involving various reservoir types and recovery processes. Other functions include pressure transient and DST test analysis, plus completion optimization including productivity and coning studies in vertical and horizontal wells. Additionally, performs corporate administrative, financial and planning functions. 

1994 to 1995 - Consulting Reservoir Engineer

Completed engagements involving domestic and international projects, including both oil and gas reservoirs. Clients include the Venezuelan national oil company and domestic independent oil and gas companies. Consulting associates have included Integrated Reservoir Management, Inc. and SIMTECH Consulting Services, Inc. 

1991 to 1994 - Division Senior Reservoir Engineer, CONOCO, Inc.

Reservoir engineer and team leader for northern Williston Basin, North Dakota. Responsible for reservoir studies, feasibility studies, simulation models, field development plans, and expert witness testimony. Directed asset management of a major miscible gas injection project. 

1988 to 1991 - Region Staff Reservoir Engineer, ORYX Energy Company

Evaluated drilling proposals and acquisitions for wells and properties in San Juan and Delaware Basins. Completed a comprehensive study of a large San Juan Basin Mancos Formation oil field. Included in the study were a gas plant/gas cycling project feasibility analysis using a compositional reservoir simulator and the development of a simulation model to evaluate horizontal well potential in this naturally fractured, steeply dipping reservoir. Identified and initiated waterflood pilot projects. Evaluated coal-seam gas well prospects. Testified as expert witness at New Mexico Oil Commission hearings. 

1986 to 1988 - Headquarters Staff Reservoir Engineer, SUN Exploration and Production Company

Provided technical support to Region Manager and to other headquarters departments. Performed production acquisition and property evaluations as well as reservoir and economic studies for exploration prospects and plays in Rocky Mountain area. 

1985 to 1986 - Reservoir Simulation Project Leader, SUN Exploration and Production Company

Supervised four project engineers and provided guidance and training in use of company reservoir models, computer systems, and related software. Along with Project Leader responsibilities, concurrently completed several simulation projects. 

1983 to 1985 - Reservoir Simulation Project Engineer, SUN Exploration and Production Company

Performed reservoir model studies using black-oil, miscible flood, and compositional simulators. Developed integrated geological/reservoir descriptions utilizing log, core, PVT, fluid, and field performance data. Evaluated new commercial and proprietary software and developed specific computer programs for simulator model data manipulation. Completed a major study of the Bennett Ranch Unit in Yoakum County, Texas. Full field waterflood model and multiple CO2 flood pattern models were constructed. Developed methodology to scale-up results from cross-sectional and pattern models to full-field production forecast. Also developed a rate and spacing sensitivity model for analysis of deep Michigan gas wells. 

1980 to 1983 - Gas Division Headquarters Reservoir Engineer SUN Exploration and Production Company

Evaluated all drilling proposals and significant workovers for South Texas District from reservoir and economic aspects. Made reserve determinations and property evaluations for company and partner operated properties, both onshore and offshore in Texas state waters. Participated in budgeting and long-range planning functions for Gas Division. 

1979 to 1980 - Production Operations Engineer, SUN Gas Company

Optimized depletion plan for the Seeligson Unit in Jim Wells County, Texas by identification and recommendation of workover projects. The recommended plan for the 65+ well unit, which contains 28 producing horizons, reduced existing 10% annual decline rate in oil and gas production to essentially zero. 

1978 to 1979 - Drilling Engineer, SUN Gas Company

Prepared drilling programs and cost estimates for proposed wells in South Texas District. Reviewed and made recommendations on development and remedial workover programs. Performed post-audit evaluations of exploration and development drilling wells. 


B.S., Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1978

Over 30 weeks of additional technical training. Recent courses include Eclipse simulation programs (e.g., GRID, GRAF, 100, and 200 options), geostatistics, carbonate logging, economic evaluation/investment decision methods, reservoir characterization/petroleum assets management, and naturally fractured reservoir analysis. 


Registered Professional Engineer, Wyoming and Texas

Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers 


Partial List of Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

Client Location Description
Red Wing Creek Field / TRUE OIL Williston Basin / Mission Canyon Integrated full field simulation study and IOR/EOR evaluation
Stoneview Field / ENDURO RESOURCES Williston Basin/ Interlake-Stonewall Miscible EOR simulation study
Sabriyah Field / KOC Kuwait/Zubair Simulation of well transient analysis tests and EOR sector modeling
Suzun Field/TNK-BP Siberia Miscible and immiscible gas injection simulation study
RKF Field / CEPSA Algeria History matching and field development predictions for TAGI & Carboniferous reservoirs using combined grid simulation model.
Piedemonte Area / ECOPETROL Llanos Foothills Trend / Mirador, Barco, Guadalupe Field development optimization, compositional simulation 

Zaur Field / BP Pakistan Built Integrated reservoir model and trained on-site personnel in simulation techniques. 

Clay Basin Unit / QUESTAR Pipeline Utah Integrated reservoir study of gas storage reservoir, including ongoing updates 

Abdali Field / BP-KOC Kuwait Lead project team and performed engineering functions for integrated reservoir study including geocellular static model build and full-field simulation. 

Ice Cave Field Beta Race Federal / CAMWEST Williston Basin North Dakota Simulation study of retrograde condensate Red River field 

Niakuk Field / BP Alaska North Slope/ Kuparuk Full field simulation model studies of east and west segments of field, focusing on development potential and waterflood optimization. 

East Binger Unit / Nielson & Assoc. Oklahoma / Marchand Compositional simulation of miscible nitrogen injection project in tight oil sand covering entire field with over 100 wells 

Milne Point Unit / BP Exploration Alaska North Slope / Sag
River Simulation study of full field, evaluating waterflood and gas injection potential 

Cupiagua ECOPETROL Llanos Foothills Trend /
Mirador, Barco, Guadalupe (Colombia) Field development, compositional simulation integrated reservoir study 

Lamar Block VI PDVSA (previously Maraven) Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela) / Misoa Water coning, horizontal well simulation 

Eland Unit / Duncan Oil Williston Basin / Lodgepole Integrated full field model study and EOR evaluation, plus early analogy field study for potential enhanced oil recovery 

El Furrial / Lagoven, PDVSA Monagas / Naricual Miscible gas injection, local grid refinement simulation 

Stoneview / Conoco Williston Basin / Interlake Miscible gas injection project, unitization, horizontal well (Bakken) evaluation expert witness testimony (North Dakota) 

Dickinson / Conoco Williston Basin / Lodgepole Reservoir limits test 

Canada Ojitos Unit / Oryx, BMG San Juan / Mancos Gas cycling, gas storage, gas processing plant feasibility, fractured reservoir, expert witness (New Mexico) 

Gavilan / Oryx, BMG San Juan / Mancos Well spacing, drainage, allowables, fractured reservoir, economics 

Wheat / Oryx Delaware / Cherry Canyon Waterflood, field development, economics 

Wheat / Oryx Delaware / Various Hazardous waste injection pilot well simulation 

Brushy Draw / Sun E & P Delaware / Cherry Canyon Waterflood feasibility, expert witness, regional core analysis study 

Nesson Anticline / Sun Exploration Williston / Deep Gas Zones Exploration trend development plan, well deliverability and reserves, economics 

Luckey Ditch / Sun E & P Moxa Arch / Dakota Gas injection, processing plant evaluation 

West Cameron 648 / Sun E & P Gulf Coast / Pleistocene Well blowout containment, relief well simulation 

Big Wells Unit / Sun E & P S.W. Texas / San Miguel Waterflood optimization, simulation 

Various Deep Gas / Sun E & P Michigan / Prairie du Chien Well spacing, drainage, simulation 

Baber-Ackers Unit / Sun E & P Central Texas / Caddo Waterflood, dual-porosity, pseudo rel-perm 

Bennett Ranch / Sun E & P W. Texas / San Andres Miscible CO2 flood, waterflood, reservoir simulation, carbonate reservoir