Mr. Chet Paris


Mr. Chet Paris is a petroleum geologist who has spent over 30 years discovering and maturing oil and gas fields with both major and independent petroleum companies in the Rockies, Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, and the North Sea. He uses a "Big Picture" approach and his breadth of experience and networking to integrate geology, geophysics, and engineering into profitable oil and gas opportunities.


2012 to 2013 - Petroleum Geologist, Golden, Colorado

2010 to 2012 - Rockies Exploration Manager, Newfield Exploration Co., Denver, Colorado
2010 to 2010 - New Ventures, Noble Energy Inc. Denver, Colorado

2008 to 2010 - Senior Staff Geologist, Petro-Canada Resources (USA) Inc., Denver, Colorado

2006 to 2008 - Exploration Manager, Wold Oil Properties, Inc., Denver, Colorado

2005 to 2006 - Alaska Eni Representative, Eni Petroleum Co, Inc., Houston, Texas & Anchorage

2004 to 2005 - Vice President New Ventures, Armstrong O&G Inc., Denver, Colorado
2000 to 2004 - Senior Staff Geologist, BP Exploration, Inc, Anchorage, Alaska

1995 to 2000 - Principal/Consultant, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

1992 to 1995 - Senior Staff Geoscientist/Consultant, Saga Petroleum A.S., Sandvika, Norway

1989 to 1991 - Geoscience Manager, Arctic Slope Consulting Group, Anchorage, Alaska

1981 to 1989 - Geologist, ARCO Oil and Gas Co., Anchorage, Alaska & Houston and Plano, Texas

Rocky Mountains

  • Managed Newfield's geoscience efforts in the Williston, Alberta, Uinta, Powder, and DJ basins.
  • Involved in Newfield's Corporate Exploration/New Venture effort in Appalachians, W.TX, and mid-Con.
  • Delineated Noble's Lyons discovery and explored for other Permian and Pennsylvanian targets in the DJ
  • Advised Noble on their DJ Niobrara development and exploration programs.

  • Expanded Petro-Canada's Wattenberg and Grover developments by exploring for oil in the Niobrara,
 Muddy "J" and Muddy "D" section in the Northern DJ Basin.
  • Delineated oil opportunities in the Niobrara, Mowry, Frontier, Muddy, Shannon, Sussex and Parkman in
 the Powder River Basin to add to Petro-Canada's existing CBM position in the basin, including farm-outs,
 farm-ins and acquiring new leases.
  • Screened and recommended shale gas opportunities in the U.S. for Petro-Canada.

  • Evaluated Niobrara shale opportunities in the Green River and Bighorn Basins and matured tight gas
 drilling opportunities in the Green River, Bighorn, and Wind River Basins for Wold Oil Properties.

  • Oversaw two CBM developments in the Powder River Basin for Wold Oil Properties.

  • Assembled a strategic acreage position with Armstrong O&G in the newly-discovered central Utah overthrust belt that was matured to drillable prospects and sold to Delta Petroleum.

  • Evaluated exploration opportunities in the Blackfoot Indian Reservation, Montana, used in negotiating an
 exploration deal with the Reservation.


  • Established Eni Petroleum's first office in Alaska. Led Eni's Alaska exploration efforts by maturing existing prospects and defining new leads and prospects. Convinced upper management to acquire new leases, shoot seismic data, and undertake a multi-well drilling program.
  • Helped Armstrong O&G discover and delineate a reserve base of over 150 MMBO including several drillable extension and exploration prospects on the North Slope, Alaska. Assisted in selling the entire
 Alaska asset to Eni Petroleum.

  • Played key role in developing BP's Alaskan exploration prospects near existing infrastructure by
 obtaining internal BP funding and/or external farm-out deals.

  • Assisted Alaskan native corporations in evaluating and marketing the petroleum resource of their lands
 on the North Slope, Interior Alaska, and Cook Inlet; and assisted state agencies in selecting lands with petroleum potential and planning lease sales.

  • Created a reservoir layering scheme for the Prudhoe Bay Unit that was used in reservoir modeling,
 defining in-fill drilling targets, and designing EOR programs.
  • Delineated the Walakpa gas discovery near Barrow Alaska and convinced the local utility to proceed with its development.
  • Developed a predictive geologic model for the Kuparuk River Oil Field that was used in field
 development, reserve calculations, and in equity determinations.

  • Evaluated ARCO's offshore leases, designed proprietary seismic programs, and developed lease sale
 prospects in the Bering Sea.

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Led ARCO into a very prolific deeper exploration trend on the Louisiana Shelf that resulted in several
 gas discoveries.
  • Assisted in selling ARCO's marginal Gulf of Mexico prospects to other petroleum companies.
  • Assisted ARCO in the reservoir characterization of several gas fields in the Wilcox trend of south Texas and delineated several drillable prospects.

  • Created a regional, seismic-stratigraphic framework of the Miocene-Pliocene section of the Louisiana
 shelf that was used by ARCO geoscientists.

  • Rejuvenated ARCO's exploration interest in the tight gas sand and carbonate trends in East Texas.

North Sea

Negotiated exploration strategies as Saga's representative in partnership meetings for five licenses and
 prepared new license applications in the Norwegian Concession Rounds.

Interpreted all of Saga Petroleum's regional 2D seismic data in the Central Graben area and developed a sequence stratigraphic framework of the Jurassic section used in both development and exploration.


B.S. & M.S., Geology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Completed numerous field and lecture courses in geology, geophysics, engineering and software applications.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists


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