Eric S. Pasternack, PhD


Principal petrophysicist with 37 years of experience in petrophysics, well logging, well log interpretation, and integrated reservoir studies. Leadership role in petrophysics in ARCO from 1983 to 1999, maintaining strong technical skills by alternating between management and senior technical positions. President and Chief Petrophysicist of Outsource Petrophysics, Inc. since 1999, a consulting firm providing the following services to the international oil and gas industry:
- Development of core-calibrated wireline log interpretation models
- Interpretation of Russian logs
- Wellsite quality control and interpretation of open and cased-hole wireline log data
- Post-drill petrophysical interpretation
- Participation in integrated reservoir study teams
- Training in petrophysics


1999-Present     Outsource Petrophysics, Inc. - Mendota Heights, Minnesota
1979-1999        Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) - Plano, Texas


1999-Present     President, Outsource Petrophysics, Inc.
Consulting petrophysics, including:
-   Offshore exploration wellsite QC and post-drill petrophysical interpretation for clients in Dallas, Turkey, Brazil, and New
-   Development of core-calibrated wireline log interpretation models for reservoirs in Permian Basin, Argentina, Colombia,     Venezuela, Ecuador, China, North Sea, Rockies, and US Gulf Coast.
-   Wellsite QC of logs and MDTs for development drilling for clients in China, Russia and Dallas.
-   Russian log interpretation for clients in Houston, Dallas, London and Moscow.
-   Logging tool market survey including tool specifications and comparisons for planned scientific drilling program.
-   Petrophysicist in integrated reserves determination team for clients in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Houston, and     Dallas, including for the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.
-   Old E-log interpretation for clients in Dallas and Midland, including large-scale multiwell studies for tertiary oil     recovery projects.
-   Petrophysical training for clients in Russia, Dallas, Calgary and North Dakota.
-   Interpretation of logs and cores from Eagle Ford, Marcellus and Bakken unconventional reservoirs.
-   Interpretation of pulsed neutron logs in onshore Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas reservoirs.
-   Carbonate log interpretation for wells in northern Mexico, US Rocky Mountain region, Kurdistan and Oman

1997-1998        Group Leader, Reservoir Log Analysis, ARCO
Management responsibility:
-   13 people in Reservoir Engineering group.
-   Well log analysis support for integrated field studies.
-   Electrical properties and NMR lab measurements.
-   All petrophysical support for ARCO Plano-based international exploration and engineering.
Technical responsibility:
-   Petrophysical support for SE Asia and China exploration and development new ventures groups.
-   Petrophysical component of multidisciplinary team evaluation of several gas fields in the South China Sea.

1990-1997        Petrophysical Consultant, ARCO International Oil and Gas Company
Principal petrophysicist in international operating company, with responsibilities including:
-   Planning exploration and development well logging programs for projects in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey,     Myanmar, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Ecuador.
-   Wellsite and post-drill log interpretations for exploration projects in Myanmar, China, Ecuador, and Tunisia.
-   Post-drill log interpretations for projects in Yemen, Philippines, UK North Sea, Indonesia, China, Ecuador, Algeria.
-   Data room trips and associated rapid evaluations for projects in China, Malaysia, Algeria, Viet Nam, and Russia.
-   Petrophysical support for exploration and engineering projects throughout the world, including development of     core-calibrated log interpretation models.
-   Integrated reservoir studies in support of new ventures and ARCO International assets.
-   Wellsite QC for offshore China development wells.
-   Interpretation of Russian well logs in support of exploration and development new ventures.

1988-1990        Director, Log Analysis and Research, ARCO
Management responsibility:
-   16 people in Reservoir Engineering group.
-   Well log analysis field studies.
-   Log interpretation method development.
-   Log interpretation research.
-   Electrical properties laboratory.
Technical responsibility:
-   Interpretation of results from a log-inject-log in Kuparuk field, Alaska.
-   Teaching log analysis software.
-   Teaching courses in cased hole nuclear log interpretation.
-   Research into quantification of nuclear log responses.

1986-1988        Senior Research Associate, Well Logging
Log interpretation research including:
-   Identification of lithofacies from wireline logs.
-   Quantification of new contractor logging tool responses.
-   Performance and interpretation of four log-inject-logs in support of chemical EOR project.
Developing and teaching courses in cased hole nuclear log interpretation.

1983-1986        Research Director, Rock Properties Research
Management Responsibility:
-   Built a group in Geophysical Research from 11 to 26 people.
-   Developed nuclear, acoustic and electrical prototype logging tools.
-   Developed log interpretation techniques and software, including sonic waveform analysis.
-   Rock physics laboratory.
Technical Responsibility:
-   Continuing interpretation of data from multiple runs in Prudhoe Bay observation well.

1979-1983        Research Geologist, Minerals Exploration Research
Supervised and performed research in the use of logging tools in mineral exploration, including:
-   Development of new logging tools.
-   Development of log interpretation methods and software for mineral applications development.
-   Shifted focus to oil and gas in 1982 and gained responsibility for development of ARCO borehole televiewer and for
    Prudhoe Bay observation well monitor log interpretation.


2005-2016:     Petrophysical Interpretation in support of CO2 EOR programs, onshore US
-   Interpretation of petrophysical data in support of CO2 EOR programs in fields in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Montana
    and Wyoming, primarily multi-well studies incorporating well logs and core data of varying vintages (1940s to current).
-   Identification of lithofacies from logs.
-   Estimation of porosity and permeability from old E-logs.
-   Interpretation of pulsed neutron logs.
-   Interpretation of logs from Rocky Mountain carbonate reservoirs.
-   Development of saturation-height functions from capillary pressure data.

2014-2016:     Petrophysical Interpretation in support of an exploration program in Kurdistan
-   Interpretation of cased-hole and open-hole petrophysical data in fractured carbonates in an exploration well.

2012:              Petrophysical Interpretation in Bakken Formation, North Dakota
-   Interpretation of well log and core data for productivity and reserves estimation in an unconventional reservoir.

2009:              Petrophysical Interpretation in Eagle Ford Shale, Texas
-   Interpretation of well log and core data for productivity and reserves estimation in an unconventional reservoir.

2008-2010:     Interpretation of Logs from Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
-   Participation in integrated study team for lease sale evaluation, prospect generation, and regional studies.

2009:              Exploration Petrophysics, offshore New Zealand
-   Planned logging program for a well offshore Taranaki Basin, with multiple contingencies to control costs while
    obtaining all data needed to evaluate the well.
-   Supervised wellsite logging and sidewall coring operations.
-   Performed onsite evaluation and discussed results with operations personnel.
-   Fully documented petrophysical evaluation.

2005-2012:     Russian and Western Log Evaluation for fields in Russia
-   Comparative evaluation of Russian and western logs.
-   Participation in integrated study teams evaluating old and new fields in Russia.
-   Logging recommendations for new wells.
-   Wellsite quality control and evaluation of data from an appraisal well in eastern Siberia.
-   Training of Russian personnel in western formation evaluation techniques.
-   Comparative evaluation of Russian and western logs.
-   Participation in integrated study teams evaluating old and new fields in Russia.
-   Logging recommendations for new wells.
-   Wellsite quality control and evaluation of data from an appraisal well in eastern Siberia.
-   Training of Russian personnel in western formation evaluation techniques.

2007-2011:     Interpretation of North Sea Exploration and Appraisal Well Log Data
-   Well log interpretation of offset wells in support of initial exploration program and after discovery.
-   Well log interpretation of discovery and appraisal wells, including integration with capillary pressure data.

2003-2004:     Logging Tool Market Survey for Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
-   Comparative evaluation of logging tools from all major vendors, including specific information needed to use them for
    the planned Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Work scope included:
   1.   Assessment of IODP logging needs, and their relation to standard industry practices.
   2.   Assessment of the logging industry.
   3.   Determination of existing and soon-to-exist vendor products that may meet these needs.
   4.   Tabulation of relevant tool specifications.

2002-2005:     Gas Field Reserves Evaluation, Mexico
-   Participated as part of integrated team evaluating exploration discoveries in Burgos Basin
   -   Integrated log, core and test data to develop robust petrophysical methodology
   -   Evaluated discovery wells and documented results thoroughly
   -   Interpreted correlative intervals from old wells, looking for missed opportunities

1999-2000:     Oil Field Exploration and Reserves Evaluation, Venezuela
-   Integrated core and log data for petrophysical interpretation for exploration and reserves evaluation in several clastic
    reservoirs within the Oficina formation, as part of a team including geologists, geophysicists, and engineers.

2000-2002:     Gas Field Reserves Evaluation, China
-   Planned logging and coring program for high temperature oil-based mud development wells.
-   Supervised acquisition of log and MDT data in the field.
-   Integrated core and log data for petrophysical interpretation for reserves evaluation as part of a team including
    geologists, geophysicists, engineers.

1991-1999:     Exploration Well Evaluation and Reserves Estimation as Part of Integrated Teams
-   Exploration wells drilled in: Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Myanmar (Burma), China, Philippines, Vietnam,
   -   Both clastic and carbonate environments.
   -   Integrated mud log and core data into log interpretation as available.
-   Gas fields in China, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Algeria, Indonesia.
   -   Integrated evaluations used well log, core, and capillary pressure data as available.
-   Oil fields in Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Ecuador, Russia.
   -   Both clastic and carbonate environments.
   -   Wellsite supervision, quality control, and evaluation for wells in Ecuador, offshore Myanmar, offshore China, offshore
       Tunisia. Wells in Myanmar and China involved extensive MDT programs in addition to standard wireline logging.

1984-1990:     Cased-hole nuclear logging
-   Developed and taught in-house ARCO courses in cased hole nuclear logging techniques, including TDT, RST, C/O, and
    CNL technologies.
-   Interpreted data and performed wellsite evaluations of Halliburton, Atlas and Schlumberger cased-hole nuclear logging
    tools in Prudhoe Bay wells.
-   Performed interpretation and wellsite QC of open-hole and first cased-hole logs in Prudhoe Bay observation well in
    water-alternating-gas flood pilot project. Interpreted data from subsequent cased-hole measurements during life of
-   Planned, performed wellsite QC, and interpreted data from log-inject-log program in California miscible flood project.
-   Planned and interpreted data from log-inject-log in Kuparuk.


PhD, Geology, 1978     University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
BA, Physics, 1970        Brandeis University, Waltham, MA


Distinguished Service Award, Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, 1995
Best Paper Award, Petrophysics, 2000
Gold Medal for Career Service, Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, 2002


Spanish:     Can read and translate technical and non-technical documents, write technical reports and powerpoint
                  presentations, and converse on technical matters.


Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts: Board of Directors
      2007-2009   VP Publications
      2003-2004   VP Technology
      1996-2000   VP Finance and Administration
      1989-1990   President
      1988-1989   President-Elect
      1987-1988   Treasurer
      1986-1987   Secretary
Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts: Dallas Chapter
      1993           Organizer and speaker, Russian Log Interpretation Seminar
      1985-1986   President
      1984-1985   Secretary and acting Vice President
      1983-1984   Treasurer
Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts: Other activities
      2014-2016   Member, Technology Committee
      2009-2012   Associate Editor, Petrophysics
      2006-2009   Member, Technology Committee
      2006-2007   Editor, Petrophysics
      2005-2006   Deputy Editor, Petrophysics
      1998-2005   Member, Long-range Planning Committee
      2001-2003   Member, Technology Committee
      1997-1998   President, SPWLA Foundation
      1997-1998   Co-convener, 1998 Archie Conference
      1994-1995   Chair, Board of Directors Reorganization Committee
      1994-1995   Co-convener, 1995 Archie Conference
      1993-1998   SPWLA Foundation Board of Directors
      1991-1994   Member, Technology Committee
      1990-1991   Chair, Awards and Nominations Committees
      1989           Chair, topical conference on MWD formation evaluation
      1983-1989   Member, Technology Committee
      1982-1985   Member, Publications Committee
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
      1994           Instructor, Russian Log Interpretation Short Course
      2001-2016   Speaker, Visiting Geologists Program
Member, SPWLA, SPE and AAPG


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