Ms. Welker-Haddock


Ms. Welker-Haddock is a proven oil finder in multiple US and international arenas, including 7 years of expatriate experience. Experienced in all phases of exploration, appraisal and field development including 3-D geo-cellular modeling. She has broad technical knowledge and workstation skills, project management experience, strong presenter to management, partners and host governments.


2002 to 2013 - Senior Geophysical Advisor, Noble Energy, Houston, International and Onshore Divisions 

1981 to 2002 - Senior Geophysicist-G&G Supervisor, Repsol . YPF - Maxus - Diamond Shamrock, Jakarta, Dallas and Denver 

1979 to 1981 . Geophysicist, Santa Fe Energy, Houston 

1977 to 1979 - Seismic Interpreter, Geosource Inc. Houston 

2000 - Present Co-founder, Principal ExplorTech LLC - Littleton, Colorado

Geological Modeling

Wattenberg Field, Colorado

  • For unconventional Niobrara reservoir interpreted 3-D seismic and built 3D structural models to visualize the complex faulting for horizontal well planning and monitoring and drilling hazard mitigation.
  • Built high resolution geologic model including a property representing hydraulic fractures and then up-scaled the model for dynamic simulation of the Niobrara unconventional reservoir.
  • For Cummins Field, a conventional Permian reservoir, worked with petrophysicist to model a complex water saturation profile in static model, and subsequently worked with reservoir engineer on history matching of production for optimal spacing and potential enhanced oil recovery program.
  • Developed a velocity model to redepth seismic and reduce depth uncertainty on subtle structures by 60% leading to more efficient field development for conventional reservoirs in Wattenberg region.

Equatorial Guinea - Deepwater Miocene Fields

  • Built static models and worked with geologists and engineers to assess in-place resources, reservoir simulation, the plan of development and subsequent drilling program.
  • For Aseng (est 44 MMBO, development cost $1.3 billion), used seismic amplitude to define reservoir, simple grid, stochastic property modeling. Development wells confirmed model and initial production came as planned. 
  • For Alen (liquid-rich condensate field est. recovery 88 million barrels condensate, 930 BCF gas, development cost $1.6 billion) used seismic inversion for facies modeling, stochastic property modeling.

Field Development

  • Developed the appraisal program for the first Block O discovery in Equatorial Guinea. This included the justification for new 3D seismic survey, the area to be included, the work program, budget and time line.
  • Provided structure and property grids for static model for reservoir simulation of Cheng Dao Xi Field, Bohai Bay, China, resulting in a new understanding of the field, an additional 5.5 MMBO of proven reserves and an increase of 3000 BOPD. The work involved extending existing seismic interpretations, converting time surfaces to depth and generating all surfaces (Top and base of reservoir, porosity, net-gross) for13 reservoirs for the reservoir simulation.
  • Reevaluated Poleng Field, offshore Indonesia, with 3-D data. New play concept based on isochrons and velocity gradients resulted in 200% increase in recoverable reserves and 600% increase in daily production in the first year.
  • Generated hydrocarbon pay maps and reserve calculations for certification and reservoir simulation on four new discoveries in West Madura PSC, Indonesia.

Prospect Generation and Evaluation

  • Successfully evaluated the 3D seismic volume and recommended drilling of the first hydrocarbon discovery in Block O in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, as well as the subsequent appraisal programs for several discoveries. Was responsible for integrating sequence stratigraphic interpretations with AVO analysis to select the optimal drilling location and to generate reserve and risk estimates for prospect assessment and economic evaluation. Estimated reserves of discovery are at the P50 predrill reserve estimate.
  • Interpreted 3-D seismic surveys in Kodeco West Madura PSC, Indonesia, which led to the discovery of significant new reserves in Miocene carbonate build-ups (Kujung Formation). Also interpreted 3-D seismic over Krisna .Yvonne field complex in Maxus Southeast Sumatra block and identified zones of optimum karsting and fracture patterns in Batu Raja Formation.
  • Completed regional interpretations and basin evaluations using 2-D seismic, gravity, surface and borehole geologic data in Eastern Siberia, Former East Germany and Portugal and lease sale evaluation in Ecuador.
  • Generated and evaluated prospects using 2-D seismic data in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Williston, Powder River and Anadarko Basins, Offshore Alaska, and Nevada.

Project Management

  • Mentored geologists to interpret seismic for structural interpretations and the building of structural models for well planning and hazard mitigation for Niobrara formation.
  • Developed a master project for Niobrara science project that included all available geotechnical and engineering data - Seismic, cellular models, tracer data, FMI, well paths, logs, microseismic, production and trained technician to load data and maintain data base. 
  • Assisted in the coordination of the geotechnical evaluation of Equatorial Guinea Blocks O and I leading up to the successful exploration program in these blocks leading to several major discoveries. This involved developing the work program and budget, time lines, coordinating work by staff and outside consultants, scheduling meetings and conducting presentations to management, partners and host government. 
  • For Equatorial Guinea blocks, acquired an infill 3-D marine seismic survey on time and at 98% of the estimated cost. Developed a scope of work, tendered the project, developed a cost estimate, obtained partner and ministry approval, arranged for permitting and quality control support and worked with the legal department to finalize the contract. First data volume was available 8 months after first management approval. Saved the company $3.4 million by working with contractor to have survey shot while acquisition vessel was in the area.
  • Member of the exploration and appraisal excellence review teams to assess risk and reserve size distribution for internally and externally generated prospects and appraisal programs for international and domestic business units.
  • Participated in college recruitment
  • Chairman for internal technology conference at Noble (2007), and received best paper award (2006).
  • Geological and geophysical supervisor for Kodeco West Madura PSC, Indonesia; reviewed all prospects and locations to assure technical evaluation was complete.
  • Coordinated risk analysis for all exploration prospects in Maxus Southeast Sumatra PSC, Indonesia. 
  • Member of risk normalization team which reviewed Maxus worldwide prospect inventory to assure consistency in the evaluations. Responsible for prospect inventory and post drill evaluations for Kodeco West Madura PSC, Indonesia.


  • Six years of broad based experience on Petrel - 3D cellular modeling, velocity modeling, seismic interpretation, volumetrics.
  • Geoquest: IESX, CPS-3
  • Familiar with various AVO and seismic inversion products (Jason, Hampson Russell)
  • Prospect Risk Analysis (Pete Rose), SAAM AVO risk assessment


Bachelor of Science in Geology, University of Missouri

AAPG Certified Petroleum Geophysicist (#70)

Continuous education through industry courses


Fluent in English (US Citizen) and German, some knowledge of Russian, French, Italian and

Worked in Indonesia for 7.5 years, worked on temporary assignments in Germany and Siberia; grew
  up in Switzerland.