Mr. Kevin Turco


Mr. Turco has 32 years petroleum industry experience with an ongoing emphasis on integrated reservoir studies. He has been a proven and insightful contributor in all geologic aspects of reservoir studies including mapping, geocellular modeling, volumetric and reserve studies, depletion planning, well planning and operations, field surveillance, risk analysis, and core studies. His career and training have been with two major international operators and include positions as a geologist, petrophysicist, geocellular modeler, operations, and various leadership positions. He has considerable experience in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs in the Shelf and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Permian Basin (TX-NM), East Texas, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Suez (Egypt), Llanos Basin in Colombia, Alaska North Slope and the West Siberian Basin.


1979 to 2011 . Amoco/BP and IRT; Various geologic and leadership positions in Houston,
New Orleans, Tulsa, and Cairo, Egypt

2009 . Present . Senior Consultant . Geoscience, IRT, Lakewood, CO

Current project: Rebuilding BP.s Prudhoe Bay Field RMS geocellular model, North Slope, Alaska

Completed projects: BP Atlantis Field Simulation Grid Rebuild, GoM; BP Thunder Horse Peach Model Rebuild; GoM; BHP Zamzama Field Petrel Model Update, Pakistan 

2008 to 2009 . Senior Consultant . Geoscience, IRT Lakewood, Colorado, Colombia Llanos Basin, Castilla & Chichimene Integrated Field Study

Geocellular Modelling member of integrated reservoir characterization team

  • Led geocellular modeling effort for structural and property characterization of two giant fields
 in Llanos Basin, Colombia
  • Gained experience using Schlumberger.s Petrel software in modeling complex structure and building
 object-based facies models
  • Developed innovative solutions to rank and select realizations for upscaling to simulation scale

2005 to 2008 - Geologic Associate, BP Houston, Texas, GoM Deepwater Production BU, Holstein Field

Lead Geologist for operations & reservoir characterization, duties included:

  • Leading Geoscience effort for characterization, volumetrics, reserve updates (13 reservoirs)
  • Leading geocellular modeling effort for main (3) Holstein waterflood reservoirs
  • Planning and geologic operations for 6 Holstein development wells
  • Numerous recognitions, special awards for contributions to Holstein subsurface

2000 to Oct 2005 - Geologic Associate, BP Houston, Texas, GoM Deepwater Development BU, Thunder Horse Project

Geologist/reservoir modeling member of Thunder Horse subsurface team

  • Led geocellular modeling effort for characterizing Thunder Horse (TH) reservoirs
  • Completed volumetric evaluation of complex, deep, and poorly-imaged TH reservoirs
  • Planning & geologic operations for 3 HPHT Thunder Horse development wells
  • Mentoring responsibilities for developing the less experienced geologists
  • Numerous recognitions, special awards for contributions to TH subsurface

1997 to 2000 - Geologist/Petrophysicist, Amoco/BP New Orleans/Houston, (includes BP.Amoco Merger), Deepwater Asset Team Nakika Project, Gulf of Mexico

Geologist/petrophysicist member of multidiscipline reservoir characterization team

  • Reservoir characterization incorporating seismic attributes, outcrop analogs
  • Extensive use of 3D seismic interpretation, attributes, calibration to rock properties
  • Built and populated 3D visualization models for two fields (StrataModel)
  • Evaluated reservoir volumetrics/maintained probabilistic volume database

1996 - Geological Associate, Amoco New Orleans, GoM Shelf Asset Team, West Delta 75/90 Field

Geologist member of multidiscipline exploitation team

  • Evaluated and mapped four main reservoir sands
  • Generated/recommended two development wells - authorized but yet to-be-drilled

1992 to 1996 - Petrophysicist, Geological Associate, GUPCO, Cairo, Egypt, Badri / El Morgan Field Studies Team, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Petrophysical member of multidiscipline/multinational field studies team

  • Three (3) major field studies including drillout (16 prospects)
  • Detailed reservoir mapping (., Sw, net sand, HPV) - Miocene clastics
  • Openhole log analysis / operations, core analysis
  • Built/maintained petrophysical database (PetCom/Geolog/PetroWorks)
  • Two special awards (R&R) for outstanding teamwork/business results
  • Trained Egyptian national petrophysical counterpart

Additional (Summer 1995 to June 1996): Petrophysical and Geological support for October (Nubia) Operations

  • Two (2) Nubia well authorizations and drilling operations
  • ll G&G support for new platform authorization (October .K.)
  • Built/interpreted/maintained digital database (Geolog, PetroWorks, StratWorks)
  • All G&G support for East Badri reservoir simulation model

May 1990 to Summer 1992 - Petrophysicist , Geological Associate, Russia Projects Group, West Siberian Basin (WSB), FSU, ELAFE / Amoco Eurasia B. U.; Amoco Houston, Texas

Petrophysical / Geological member of project feasibility team

  • Initial multidiscipline analysis of two PNV projects in WSB (Bakhilov & Priobskoye)
  • Stratigraphic/structural analysis & mapping - Cretaceous clastics (fluvial / deltaic)
  • Initial G&G contacts & built Amoco credibility for PNV in Priobskoye
  • Coordinated Russian core export and analysis in US
  • Special award (R&R) for technical contributions for bid tender
  • Acquired log database - cooperative efforts with Soviet geoscientists (Priobskoye)
  • Coordinated two Soviet delegation visits to US

August 1988 to May 1990 - Exploration Group Supervisor, Staff Geologist (SG) / Geological Associate, Amoco Houston, Texas, W. Texas Division & Central Division, W. Texas / E. Texas / Miss. Salt Basin, Houston Region

  • Operations group supervisor
  • Operations leadership for tech staff, scout, support personnel (9 total)
  • Leadership for Austin Chalk fractured reservoir project
  • Exploitation drilling/partner opns in W. Texas (Emerald Field with Exxon)
  • Initiated hiring scout / consultant for Miss. Salt Basin in Jackson, Miss.
  • Coordinated efforts with Land Dept. to monetize W. Texas assets (submittals, F/O.s)

July 1987 to July 1988 - Petrophysical Trainee/ Staff Geologist (SG), Amoco Tulsa, Oklahoma, Texas Gulf Coast Division, South Texas Tertiary, Tulsa Research Center

  • Petrophysical Training
  • Petrophysical Evaluation of South Texas .Lobo. (Wilcox) Sandstone
  • Basic training in openhole log analysis, QC, core analysis (routine & SCAL)
  • Formation damage assessment -SEM and petrographic techniques
  • Mainframe computer applications (LPS, Amolog, Telagraf)
  • Documented in TRC Report S-88-4
  • Established TRC (APR) contacts

Jan 1987 to July 1987 - Team Leader - Attic Oil Project / Staff Geologist (SG), Amoco Houston, Texas, SETEC Division, Hastings Field, Texas Gulf Coast Basin

  • Exploitation Team Leader
  • Leadership for mapping/juxtaposition analysis in Attic Oil Project project
  • Four (4) well authorizations and drillout operations - highly successful
  • Coordinated efforts of 3 less-experienced geologists - (3) authorizations

July 1981 to Jan 1987 - Geologist / Team Leader, Petroleum - Staff Geologist (SG), Amoco Houston, Texas West Texas Exploration, Horseshoe Plateau Project, North Midland Basin

  • Exploration Projects - Permo-Penn Carbonates
  • Highly successful exploration project resulting in twenty plus (20+) well authorizations
  • Completed four major acreage purchases & seismic options
  • Extensive wellsite experience (logging, coring, DST.s)
  • Introduced several new technologies to West Texas Div. - pore throat mapping, Winland analysis,
 Allen fault plane mapping
  • Promoted to team leader position . 1985

August 1979 to July 1981 - Geologist / Petroleum Geologist, Amoco Houston, Texas, West Texas - EOR, Wasson ODC & Levelland Fields, Midland Basin / CBP - Permian Carbonates

  • Reservoir Characterization Project
  • Geologic support for Tertiary CO2 flood projects in West Texas reservoirs
  • Reservoir characterization included extensive core description, .old. neutron log calibration to core,
 phi-k transform, and detailed log cross sections
  • Mainframe application - AMOLOG


  • Lead geologist- Holstein Field, one of largest producing assets in BP portfolio
  • Deepwater GoM- Major subsurface contributor to 3D visualization and turbidite reservoir
 characterization effort; proficient with LandMark, EarthVision, and RMS
  • Gulf of Suez- team responsible for 16 successful development wells adding 85 MMBO
  • West Siberian Basin- initial mapping and petrophysical evaluation of large PNV
  • Midland Basin West Texas - responsible for 20 wildcat and development well authorizations and


M.S. Geology with Honors, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio . 1979

B.S. Geology with Honors, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio . 1977 


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)


Technical: Accomplished interpreter and experienced LandMark user including OpenWorks, StratWorks, SeisWorks, PetroWorks, and Zmap+. An experienced user of Schlumberger.s Petrel and Roxar.s RMS geocellular modeling packages.


Personal: Overseas experience living and working in ethnically and culturally diverse societies (Former Soviet Union, Egypt).