Mr. Leszek Bednarski

Geologist - Petrophysicist


Over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry as an exploration geologist and petrophysicist in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Specializing in well log interpretation and analysis as well as in the integration of petrophysical and seismic attributes through rock physics analysis. Combining broad geological and petrophysical knowledge together with field experience in well drilling to generate a better understanding of the reservoir characteristics.


06.2016 – present    Consultant at Reservoir Insight Geosolutions LLC | Warsaw, Poland

    Position: Petrophysics and Geology Consultant
    Responsible for:

  • Formation evaluation and re-evaluation of legacy data (preparing reservoir customized rock – fluid models, calculating shale volume, porosity, permeability, water and hydrocarbon saturation, TOC, facies, mineral composition, elastic properties, core and lab data integration etc.) – Bakken, Permian Basin, Lublin Basin (Poland)
  • Log reconstruction, shear, compressional, density estimation and synthetic log modeling - based on well-known methods as well as multivariate statistical approach and proprietary formulas and equations
  • Well log editing and QC (de-spiking, log reconstruction in bad hole, depth shifting, log normalization, environmental corrections)
  • Well log analysis – quantitative and qualitative log interpretation, quick-look to detailed single well analysis and integrated multi-well studies in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, geostatistical analysis for complex environments
  • Dedicated petrophysics for Well Feasibility Study, Rock Physics, Reservoir Modeling and Fluid Substitution
  • Integrating petrophysical and seismic attributes through rock physics analysis to be used in reservoir geomodeling
  • Generating seismic based 3D petrophysical models (porosity, saturation, lithology, TOC etc.) with multivariate statistics, as well as computing deterministic models, by combining inversion products and formation evaluation
  • Geological and basic seismic interpretation (preparing and editing well data, picking tops, picking horizons, basic well ties and wavelet estimation)

01.2014 – 06.2016    Global Geophysical Services | Denver, Colorado

    Position: Petrophysicist - Geologist
    Responsible for:

  • Formation evaluation - mainly Permian Midland Basin, DJ Basin, Green River Basin, Eagle Ford Basin, Chaco Basin (Paraguay), Athabasca Oil Sands (Canada), Tabuk Basin (Saudi Arabia)
  • Log reconstruction and synthetic log modeling
  • Well Feasibility Study
  • Integrating petrophysical and seismic attributes
  • Log based fluid substitution and rock physics modeling
  • 3D Facies modeling (by combining inversion products and classic petrophysics)
  • Geological and basic seismic interpretation

12.2011 –12.2013    Global Geophysical Services | Warsaw, Poland

    Position: Geologist
    Responsible for:

  • Log editing, formation evaluation and production log analysis
  • Production Prediction Models (seismic, geological and engineering data integration with MultiVariate Statistics (as a team member, EGFD Basin))
  • Geological and engineering data collecting and evaluation - improving drilling and production effectiveness (WPPA related, Eagle Ford Basin)
  • Basic geomodeling of unconventional reservoirs
  • Seismic works projects and geological support for seismic acquisition (i.e. brute stack interpretation, defining target zones etc.)
  • Forming offers, taking part in tenders, meetings with customers

04.2009 - 11.2011    EMFESZ NG Poland (Emfesz – DPV Service group) | Warsaw, Poland

    Position: Exploration Geologist
    Responsible for:

  • Management of geological and seismic projects and planning the exploration
  • Projects of geological and seismic works* - exploration and prospecting of oil and natural gas (S & SE part of Polish Permian Basin, Lublin Basin), shale gas (Peribaltic Syneclise, Lublin Synclinory) and tight gas (S part of Polish Permian Basin)
  • Forming offers, taking part in tendering and signing agreements with geophysical, drilling and mudlogging companies
  • Supervision of subcontractors
  • Supervision of drillings (includes pre-existing and during drilling data analysis on a rig, updating lithological profiles, stratigraphy, sedimentology, detecting saturated intervals, planning cores etc.)
  • Post – work documentations and reports
  • Evaluation and analysis of all available geological and seismic data and prospect generation
  • Well Log interpretation
  • Hydrocarbon resources estimation (in classical structural traps)
  • Underground gas storage and underground water waste storage projects and documentations
  • Concession and geological database management

*Project of Geological & Seismic Works - in Poland this document is a base for field operations as well as the attachment to the Concession Application (for Ministry of Mining). It defines exploration and field development. Contains geological framework, structural and sedimentological interpretation, objectives, target zones, technology, planned well locations and seismic lines, also well construction and seismic acquisition parameters.

06.2008 – 04.2009    POLGEOL SA. | Warsaw, Poland

    Position: Geologist
    Responsible for:

  • Projects of geological works - exploration and prospecting of oil and natural gas (Lublin Synclinory - Devonian carbonates and Carboniferous siliciclastics), E&P of geothermal resources
  • Well planning (objectives, location, casing, cementing, perf zones, cores, production tests etc.)
  • Supervision of drillings (low-level drilling superintendence on a rig, includes mud logging, cores, samples etc.)
  • Log interpretation
  • Creating reservoir and basin scale cross sections, mapping, tectonic (also salt & inversion) and sedimentological interpretations
  • Geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological documentations
  • Petrography analysis
  • Microfacial analysis of thin sections (mainly carbonates)
  • Old data reinterpretation (old - Russian style well logs, ‘ancient’ seismic profiles)

08.2006 - 01.2007    GEOTEKO Geotechnical Projects and Consultations | Warsaw, Poland

    Position: research team member

  • Responsible for CPT (Cone Penetrometer Test) documentations
  • Dynamic and static probing
  • Installing piezometers
  • Shallow geotechnical drillings


2002 - 2007       MSc in Geology
                         University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geology
                         Stratigraphy and Exploration

1998 - 2002       High school - nr V im. A. Struga in Gliwice
                         Mathematics - computer science - physics


  • Polish - native
  • English – communicative
  • Russian – basic


  • Primary software package - Transform TerraSuite
  • Acquainted - Landmark DecisionSpace , Interactive Petrophysics, SMT Kingdom Suite, JLog, Surfer
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Corel Draw
  • Windows and Linux environment


04.2015, Denver  -  Society of Exploration Geophysicists
11.2012, Warsaw  -  American Association of Petroleum Geologists
07.2012, Houston  -  European Association of Geoscientist & Engineering


Jurassica XI, 2014   ‘Biochronology and foraminiferal assemblages in Oxfordian limestones in
                             profiles of the Holy Cross Mountains and its paleoecological significance’,
                             Co-author, language of publication: Polish


                             Micropaleontology, History, Theology, archery, wander from quarry to quarry...