Dr. Deryck J Bond

SENIOR CONSULTANT – Reservoir Engineer

Dr. Deryck J Bond has 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. After a period in research, he has worked in petroleum and reservoir engineering positions, mainly with operating companies. He has expertise in reservoir simulation, reservoir characterization and petroleum economics and has acted as an advisor to senior management. Additionally, he has taught reservoir management courses. He has worked in Europe the Middle East and Africa and is currently based in Kuwait.


2020 to Present – Technical Consultant, Middle East Oilfield Services, Kuwait
Provides technical advice and services for projects in the oil and gas industry.

2009 to 2020 – Senior Consultant, Kuwait Oil Company
     Key Achievements:

     •  Currently Advising Deputy MD (S&EK) – Greater Burgan Asset Manager
     •  Led simulation studies for Magwa Marrat & Burgan Minagish reservoirs
     •  Led development options work for Burgan Minagish Reservoir
     •  Coordinated pressure transient analysis to support 2009 – 2011 geological model work on Greater Burgan
     •  Directed modeling group for Greater Burgan field. Coordinated major history match exercise of the Wara – Burgan
     •  General technical / engineering advice to South East Kuwait management
     •  Technical and commercial support for the Enhanced Technical Service Agreement with BP

1994 to 2009 – Independent Consultant, DJ Bond & Associates Ltd.
     Key Achievements:

     •  Led simulation studies for re-development of two Obigbo North reservoirs (Shell SPDC – Port Harcourt, Nigeria). Also
         staff training for Shell Nigeria
     •  Compositions studies of developed miscibility for Prudhoe Bay reservoir in Alaska and evaluation of EOR options (BP)
     •  Simulation studies of offshore developments in the UKCS and Angola (Amerada Hess, Shell EXPRO, BP, Amoco)
     •  Data Room evaluations (Wintershall)
     •  Support to KOC through BP Technical Service Agrreements to North and West Kuwait. Led major simulation studies for
         Um Gadir and Minagish (Minagish reservoirs) and Raudhatain (Lower and Upper Burgan and Mauddud reservoirs).
         Horizontal well evaluation for the North Kuwait Mauddud reservoirs.
     •  Consultant to KOC (North Kuwait Project) – providing technical and commercial support related to plans to have an
         IOC operate fields in North Kuwait
     •  Coaching BP ‘Challenge Graduates’

1990 to 1994 – Senior Staff Engineer/Engineering Advisor, Mobil North Sea Limited (London)
     Key Achievements:

     •  Lead reservoir engineer for a series of offshore gas field developments in the UKCS (Lancelot, Guinevere, Excalibur)
     •  Support to pressure transient analysis to all UK assets
     •  Engineering support to Exploration and M&A groups

1988 to 1990 – Reservoir Engineer/Senior Reservoir Engineer, Enterprise Oil PLC (London)
     Key Achievements:

     •  Represented company’s interest in the Beryl Field at technical committee level / alternate as owners committee level
     •  Support to company’s equity position in the Scott field
     •  Reservoir engineering studies for Beryl, Scott and West Firsby fields

1984 to 1988 – Petroleum Research Engineer/Reservoir Engineer, BP Research/BP Exploration NW Europe (Sunbury, Aberdeen, & London)
     Key Achievements:

     •  Lead reservoir engineer for the Miller Field UKCS pre-production. Presented development plans for government
         approval (Annex B)
     •  Simulation studies on the Forties field. Support to SE Forties and the decision not to have dedicated water injection.
     •  Reservoir engineering support to UK Onshore operations and Southern North Sea Carboniferous gas fields
     •  Equity support for Ravenspurn North Gas Field
     •  Research on reservoir simulation and miscible displacements
     •  Compositional simulation of miscible gas injection laboratory experiments
     •  EOR evaluations for various onshore and offshore UK oil fields

1980 to 1983 – Post Doc. Reserch Asst, Physics Department, Imperial College, London
     Key Achievements:

     •  Work on non-linear heat transport and on radiative transfer in laser heated plasmas (supported by UK Atomic Energy
         Commission and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (USA)). Published 16 peer-reviewed papers plus many
         conference papers.

1999 to 2008 – Instructor for Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College, London
     Key Achievements:

     •  Teaching related to field project for Petroleum Engineering MSc course
     •  Course director for a course “Integrated Reservoir Management” taught at Delft University, IFP Paris and Imperial


PhD. Theoretical Physics, Imperial College, London, 1977-1980
         Thesis: Numerical studies of fast electron transport in laser heated targets
B.Sc. Physics (1st Class Honors), Imperial College, London, 1974-1977


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