George Grinestaff


Mr. Grinestaff has strong skills in reservoir engineering which include 32 years of oil industry experience: 10 years with Arco Alaska Inc, 8 years with BPX, 8 years professional consulting, and 6 years with Statoil in the Gulf of Mexico. He is an expert in gas injection IOR and has completed the following projects: Prudhoe Bay and Kaparuk Alaska field wide MWAG optimization; North Sea Forties and Gullfaks CO2 field wide predictions; Barik field Oman rich gas condensate recycle field wide analysis; Vito field deep water GOM gas injection IOR from lab to final funding stage. Mr. Grinestaff has significant experience in subsurface reservoir engineering, and delights in leading small asset teams. George led the development of Streamline Front Tracking for Prudhoe Bay and BP technology group in Aberdeen; He also led the commercialization of the IOR Scale tool with Geoquest Slumberger in Abingdon, UK. George has built start to finish asset models with coupled networks for integrated field development optimization. Mr. Grinestaff has significant experience with Eclipse, FrontSim, Petroleum Experts, and building 3D models, gridding, scaling, Well models, and VLP for extended networks. He is skilled in understanding how to find key issues for reservoir simulation of subsurface problems for conventional and unconventional. George has a unique gift to understand reservoir mechanisms, wells, and coupled facilities, which accurately predict performance of oil and gas plays. George has worked on drilling rigs; operated wells and facilities in Prudhoe Bay; designed, planned, and drilled horizontal wells; and worked independent oil and gas.


Statoil Gulf LLC, Houston                                     Mar 2010 - Jul 2016
Leading Advisor Reservoir Development Leader

Statoil Technology Group: Reservoir simulation advisor for entire company and leader of reservoir engineering and IOR business development for deep water Gulf of Mexico. Gas injection IOR field development and design using full field compositional simulation for Vito field. Designed a unique method for PVT diffusion experiment in HP fluids. Alaska Chukchi Sea exploration and low permeability reservoir development, description, and performance analysis.

DDHC LLC, Houston                                             Jan 2010 - Jan 2014
President and CEO

Startup EM exploration technology LLC. Lease acquisition and exploration with Mantle O&G of Friendswood Texas for small position in Michigan. KMS technologies supported advancement to commercial qualification. Performed 3 years of field trials in Jackson Co, Michigan and Refugio Co, Tx.

PetroTel Inc., Anchorage                                     June 2003 - Feb 2010
Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Statoil Norsk Hydro: Full field simulation model development for the TROLL field. Development of Well models with horizontal grid for thin oil column and multilateral wells.

BP Alaska: Development of the Liberty prospect from grass roots exploration to full field simulation development of extended reach (45,000.) offshore Wells.

Statoil: Evaluation of CO2 injection benefits for the Gullfaks Field, Norway using fine grid compositional models and FrontSim IOR Scale simulation. See SPE 89338

PDO Oman: Prediction of Gas Condensate benefits to recycle for rich gas condensate below dew point.

BP UTG, Aberdeen Scotland                                 2000 - 2002
Upstream Technology Group: Business Development Engineer

Streamline Simulation Business Development: Led BP.s streamline simulation efforts in the upstream technology group, including management of a $1.5 million R&D project to commercialize the IOR Scale Option in the Geoquest streamline simulator.

Reservoir Management: Management and application of streamline simulation models for North Sea, Gulf of Suez, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, and Alaska. Led a company wide effort to expand and use alternative methods for reservoir analysis and development.

BPX, Anchorage                                                   1995 - 2000
Upstream Technology Group: Reservoir Management

Injection Well Management & Surveillance: Production performance and Injection well management using Streamline front tracking simulation: Analyses of performance using Hall Plots and Production decline. Oversight of the Flow Station Two water-flood area. SPE 63152

Arco Alaska, Anchorage                                       1983 - 1994
Production/Reservoir Engineer

Operation of North Slope Facilities: Including start-up of water-flood and EOR injection. In charge of Drill Site test facilities and remedial well work. Reservoir engineering for Flow Station Two MWAG; Static 3D modeling; Unit Surveillance Analysis for an $8.5 mm Geoscience project.


B.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming, May 1983


SPE 63152, SPE 54616, SPE 75198, SPE 78298, SPE 89338