Mr. Brian Glater

Senior Associate Consultant – Petroleum Engineer

Mr. Brian Glater specializes in production and reservoir engineering, with experience in software integration, data analysis, project management, and personnel management in remote locations with diverse, multi-disciplinary teams. A technical leader; adding value through increased production and reduced costs in various disciplines.


Small Business Support | April 2019 to Present

Voluntarily left Anadarko Petroleum to move to Victoria, BC. Currently supporting partner in building a successful small business by performing accounting, business, and facility support.
Currently serving on the Vancouver Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Board of Directors as the Membership Chair

Senior Staff Production Engineer| Anadarko Petroleum |Denver, CO | April 2016 to April 2019

Implemented digital oilfield software (PETEX IVM) in a 5,000 well oilfield (400 new wells/year). (DJ and Powder River Basins)

• Integrated various historical and real-time data sources to improve access to and visualizations of data • Developed automated workflows on high frequency production data, identifying daily optimization tasks for engineers and operators
• Implemented Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices on 30 wells to automate rod-pump optimization
• Designed and managed the installation of 10 real-time downhole temperature and pressure sensors
• Built physics-based models of reservoir and production systems using PETEX software and integrated models into workflows.

Developed a novel method to produce horizontal oil wells; increasing production while preventing wellbore and reservoir damage. Elevated teams through teaching and mentoring technical skills.

Staff Completions Engineer | Anadarko Petroleum | Denver, CO August 2014 to April 2016

Designed and implemented well construction activities in a 400 well/year development, using plug-and-perf and sliding sleeve techniques. (DJ Basin)

• Led a regional cost saving effort to reduce spending by over 10% on a $1 B budget
• Promoted safety culture and ensured site safety in office and field locations
• Managed installation, testing, and optimization of new surface production equipment on ~ 10 wells/month
• Performed hydraulic fracturing in newly drilled wells; including design, project management, and safety management. $1-2 MM per well, 75 wells/yr.

Staff Petroleum Engineer | Anadarko Petroleum | Algeria August 2010 to August 2014

Provided multi-disciplinary engineering support within a multi-national and multi-disciplinary team to optimize oil production in a world class, 150,000 barrel per day miscible WAG flood.

• Project management of multi-million dollar investments
• Developed physics-based computer models using PETEX software to understand, develop and optimize production systems
• Designed, implemented, and analyzed surveillance programs including well testing, production logging, and interference testing using Kappa software
• Designed stimulations and workovers to remediate formation/wellbore damage
• Develop and report monthly/annual production and financial budgets and forecasts
• Mentored lesser experienced personnel
• Artificial lift (gas lift and jet pump) design and optimization

Senior Reservoir Engineer | Anadarko Petroleum | Denver, CO June 2007 to August 2010

Led a multi-disciplinary team to develop a 400 well/yr coal-bed methane development in Wyoming (2007 – 2010)

• Multi-disciplinary project management in a matrix organization
• Led quarterly/annual reserves evaluations, presentations, and reporting; ensuring ethical engineering standards were met
• Led annual production, capital, and expense forecasting and budgeting efforts
• Developed and presented economic/discounted cash-flow models to support development, acquisitions, and trades
• Mentored and managed university interns

Engineer I - II | Anadarko Petroleum (Kerr-McGee Corporation) | Houston, TX July 2005 to June 2007

Completed various projects in offshore drilling, production, facilities, and onshore production

• Determined upgrades required to allow an offshore drilling rig to increase lift capacity to 1 MM lbs
• Designed a drilling program for a $10 MM+ offshore oil well
• Completed risk assessment of offshore pipeline facilities to understand hurricane damage risk and justify infrastructure upgrades • Evaluated projects to optimize production in South Texas and Wyoming


Business Skills

• Site safety and safety culture promotion
• Project management
• Written communication
• Oral Presentation
• Mentoring
• Performance management
• Budget management
• Teamwork
• Data analysis and visualization
• Lean/SixSigma Green Belt (2015)

Software Skills

• MS Office (Access, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Excel)
• SharePoint
• Data analysis (basic SQL, Spotfire)
• Petroleum engineering software (Aries, OFM, PETEX, Fekete) Petroleum Engineering Skills
• Data analysis and visualization
• Discounted cash-flow and economic analysis
• Systems modeling
• Nodal analysis
• Production log analysis
• Pressure transient analysis
• Reserves evaluation
• Production surveillance

Petroleum Engineering Skills

• Data analysis and visualization
• Discounted cash-flowi and economic analysis
• Systems modeling
• Nodal analysis
• Production log analysis
• Pressure transient analysis
• Reserves evaluation
• Production surveillance


Colorado School of Mines 2000-2005 B.S. Petroleum Engineering


Professional Engineer Colorado #0055080