Mr. Robert J. Skinner


Mr. Skinner is a petroleum engineer with over 35 years experience. His primary area of expertise is in applied reservoir simulation and integrated project management. He has experience in all facets of reservoir engineering, including single and dual porosity reservoirs, reserve evaluations, infill drilling, waterflooding, thermal recovery methods, hydrocarbon and CO2 miscible flooding, CO2 immiscible recovery, caustic and polymer flooding, water and gas coning studies, gas cycling, gas deliverability, and pressure transient analysis.


1997 to Present - Senior Consultant, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Duties include directing all aspects of integrated reservoir simulation projects and conducting the engineering phases through to prediction and reporting. Additional duties include advising clients of appropriate study scope and emphasis and preparation of technical proposals.

1995 to 1997 - Senior Petroleum Consultant, Reservoir Technologies Division, Schlumberger GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies

Conducted basic reservoir engineering, PVT development, simulation and forecasting of complex reservoirs including waterfloods of two major fractured carbonate oil reservoirs in Mexico, tight gas sands in New Mexico, and assisted a client with a horizontal well investigation in South America. Also directed economic evaluations, wrote reports and made presentations, prepared several technical proposals and provided client training in use of Eclipse software.

1992 to 1995 - President, R.J. Skinner Engineering, Ltd.

Conducted independent reservoir engineering consulting, including reservoir simulation and client training for simulation and Production Analyst software. Work performed included finalization of model tuning and preliminary forecasting using an existing calibrated model of a Mexican oil field, directing simulation studies of black oil and compositional Egyptian oil reservoirs, training client staff in use of VIP simulation software, acting as expert advisor in completing reservoir simulation studies of a large Californian oil reservoir, conducting reservoir simulation studies for use in a client research project, training client staff in use of O.G.C.I. software - Production Analyst (P.A.), conducting major acquisition evaluation using P.A. software.

1983 to 1992 - Project Manager, Petresim Integrated Technologies, Inc.

Conducted reservoir simulation, waterflood and EOR studies, infill drilling and reserve evaluations, and economic evaluations. Provided client training and coordination. Work performed included simulation studies to optimize exploitation plans for several waterflood projects in massive sandstone reservoirs in California. The work also included a coning and spacing simulation study, a primary depletion evaluation and waterflood feasibility studies, and a waterflood optimization and EOR evaluation including unitization proceedings, all in Canada.

1980 to 1983 - Senior Engineer, Heavy Oil Department, Alberta Energy Company

Conducted simulation and basic reservoir engineering studies (coning, horizontal wells, infill drilling, waterflood, EOR- including thermal, caustic, polymer, CO2 immiscible, as well as CO2 and hydrocarbon miscible). Conducted reserve evaluations, gas deliverability studies, acquisition evaluations, and economic appraisals. Also acted as reservoir engineer on an experimental heavy oil project design and implementation.

1975 to 1980 - Project Engineer, Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board

Conducted conventional oil and gas, as well as heavy oil and bitumen, reserve evaluations, waterflood, gas deliverability, gas cycling, gas storage, and EOR evaluations - including hydrocarbon miscible, steam stimulation, steam flood and fireflood. The work also included processing of industry applications, experimental scheme approvals, and staff training.


  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, 1975

Post Graduate courses and training include:

  • Eclipse software products training while at GeoQuest
  • VIP Software products training while at Petresim
  • Oilfield Management Using the Production Analyst. - O.G.C.I., Long Beach, USA, 1992
  • Engineer in Training. - Exam Preparation Course, University of California, Long Beach, USA, 1989
  • Apollo Unix Course. - Apollo Computer Inc., Costa Mesa, USA, 1989

  • Miscible Flooding. - Mungan Petroleum Consultants, Calgary, Canada, 1982
  • Management Skills. - In-house course at Alberta Energy Co., Calgary, Canada, 1982
  • Public Speaking. - In-house course at Alberta Energy Co., Calgary, Canada, 1981
  • Caustic Flooding. - Dow Petroleum Recovery Center, New Port Beach, USA, 1980
  • Thermal Oil Recovery Methods. - Tejas Petroleum Consultants, Dallas, USA, 1979
  • Thermal Methods of Recovery of Heavy Oil. - University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, 1978
  • Geology for Engineers. - AGAT Consultants, Calgary, Canada, 1978
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering. - University of Calgary, Canada, 1977
  • Staff Training and Orientation Program. - In-house training program at the Alberta Energy

  • Resources Conservation Board, Calgary, Canada, 1975


Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer in California

Registered Professional Engineer in Colorado

Previously Registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Canada

Member, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

Member, Society of Petroleum Engineer



Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

Client/Field Location Description

Castilla-Chichimene Fields /ECOPETROL

Totek Hills / Ciri

Energy Scitech Inc

Idd El Shargi North Dome

Field / Occidental


Mamore Field / Repsol-

Idd El Shargi North Dome
Field / Occidental

Foothills / ECOPETROL

Ledjmat / Burlington

El Segundo Field 

Lake Maracaibo Area 

Cheshmeh Khosh 

Wyoming Overthrust 
Area / CEPSA

Cupiagua South 


Patrick Draw Field
 Celsius Energy

Rhourde el Khrouf Field

Stadium Field / Phoenix 
Energy Companies

Abkatun-Pol Chuc Field 

Mesa Verde Formation 
Meridian Oil

 Schlumberger Wireline
(Maxus Energy)

Samaria-Iride Field

Samaria-Iride Field 
GeoQuest (Pemex)

Golden Meadow Field
O.G.C.I. (Total Minatome)


Various/Western Atlas
Petroleum Company)

Wilmington Field
Petresim Integrated
(City of
Long Beach, CA)

Wilmington Field / City of
Long Beach, CA

Taber Glauconitic A Pool
 Canadian Superior

Joffre Viking B Pool
 Petrorep Canada

Whiteside Viking Pool
 Atlantic Energy Co

Garrington Viking A Pool
Canadian Superior

Ipiatic Lake Field / Alberta Energy Company

Suffield Mannville A Pool
 Alberta Energy Company

Kaybob South Beaverhill
Lake Reservoir / E.R.C.B.

Llanos Foothills Area,






Llanos Foothills Area,

Berkine Basin, Algeria

Middle Magdalena Valley,

Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela


S.W. Wyoming

Llanos Foothills Area,

Llanos Foothills Area,


Ghadames Basin, Algeria

North Dakota

Bay of Campeche, Mexico

San Juan Basin, New Mexico

South America

State of Tabasco, Mexico

State of Tabasco, Mexico




Offshore near City of Long Beach, CA

Offshore near City of Long Beach, CA

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Evaluation of heavy oil reservoirs with active water drive.

Engineering Input on Exploration Play Assessment

Oil Industry Uncertainty Analysis Survey

Development Planning for Uwainat Zone

Visualization Assessment of Reservoir Development Opportunities

Development Planning for Lower Arab D Zone

Evaluation of Gas Sales Strategies from seven reservoirs containing gas, condensate and oil.

Evaluation of TAGI and F1 reservoirs for possible ELAs

Fully Integrated Evaluation of the Cimarrona Formation . fractures.only reservoir

Engineering analyses for studies of complex oil fields in the Lake Maracaibo Area

Preliminary evaluations of a large oil reservoir in Iran

Evaluation of an exploration prospect in the Wyoming Overthrust area

Preliminary engineering evaluation of a new discovery offsetting the Cupiagua Field

Evaluation of the impact of proposed water injection

Investigation of the technical feasibility of implementing a CO2 miscible flood

Model calibration and forecasts

Material Balance Evaluation

Basic engineering evaluations including PVT for dual porosity reservoir simulation

Modeling of tight gas sandstone reservoir with hydraulically fractured wells - infill drilling evaluation

Assisted with model set up and execution to evaluate horizontal wells

Complete forecasts and document study . dual porosity model

Tune dual porosity model and conduct forecasts

Acquisition evaluation using P.A. software

Reservoir simulation studies for use in research project 

Train W.A.S. client staff in use of VIP simulation software.
To direct and assist simulation studies of Egyptian reservoirs

Assist as expert advisor in continued reservoir simulation .
optimization studies of massive sandstone oil reservoir waterfloods

Simulation studies to optimize exploitation plans for several waterflood

Well coning and spacing simulation study in medium gravity reservoir

Primary depletion evaluation and waterflood feasibility simulation

Waterflood feasibility simulation including economic forecasting

Waterflood performance simulation and optimization, EOR evaluation and Unitization proceedings 

Design and Implementation of Steam/CO2 injection pilot scheme in heavy oil

Evaluations of caustic and polymer floods, also evaluated horizontal wells

Gas cycling and blowdown evaluation