Mr. David List



• Petroleum Geologist/Geophysicist with over 30 years of technical and project management experience working in interdisciplinary teams.
• Generated and evaluated stratigraphic prospects and developed fields in the Rocky Mountains (Williston, Powder River, Paradox, Red Desert, Big Horn and Green River basins).
• Experience in Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Algeria, China, and Kuwait.
• Adept at interpreting and integrating geologic, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data into consistent geologic models for development and exploratory purposes.
• Skilled in the use of workstations for databasing, seismic modeling, velocity modeling, seismic interpretation, log correlation, stratigraphic and structural analysis, and mapping.
• Strong background in developing and implementing innovative and efficient workflows for streamlining reservoir characterization and exploration projects.
• Experience with unconventional, fractured and conventional reservoirs, clastic and carbonate depositional environments in a variety of structural settings.


2008 to Present - Senior Geophysicist, Fidelity Exploration & Production, Inc., Denver, CO

• Generated prospects in the Big Horn, Williston and Paradox basins and on the Hartville Uplift utilizing 2-D and 3-D data, mentored and managed junior geophysicists and techs.
• Planned and supervised the acquisition and processing of seven 3-D surveys; licensed, reprocessed and interpreted over 2,500 miles of 2-D data.

2000 to 2007 - Senior Consultant . Geoscientist, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc., Denver, CO

• Employee/Part-owner in a petroleum consulting firm specializing in reservoir characterization and exploration studies worldwide.
• Responsible for the construction of deterministic geological models of highly-complex fields.
• Tasks included interpretation and integration of seismic, electrical log, core, RFT, and production data, velocity modeling, database construction, and mapping.
• Interpreted 3-D seismic surveys for structural and stratigraphic exploration projects.
• Conducted a volumetric analysis incorporating petrophysical results, structural, and stratigraphic information, and production data to derive results.
• Other responsibilities included: marketing, proposal generation, report writing, presentations, and serving as a Board Member.
• Required strong technical, organization, and interpersonal skills and ability to work in and manage integrated project teams and to interface with clients.
• Excelled at producing projects that were technically sound, on-time, and on-budget.

1995 to 2000 - Senior Geoscientist, GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies, Denver, CO

• Conducted reservoir characterization studies in carbonate, clastic, and fractured reservoirs.
• Implemented new technologies including 3-D mapping and 3-D velocity modeling that assisted in the interpretation and mapping of structurally complex areas.
• Successfully managed a geologic characterization project that defined 241 fluvial units and 133 faults in a field having 929 wells and three 3-D seismic surveys.
• Developed streamlined workflows that involved multiple software packages and contained thorough quality control measures.
• Responsible for log correlation, integration of core and cutting descriptions, and databasing for a regional sequence stratigraphic study of Lodgepole Formation, Williston Basin.
• Mentored junior staff members.

1993 to 1995 - Geophysical Engineer, RIMtech, Inc., Denver, CO

• Planned and supervised 28 underground, cross-borehole, and surface surveys in 14 states.
• Integrated geophysical and geologic data in 24 projects for mining, environmental, and oil & gas applications.

1990 to 1992 - Consulting Geophysicist, Denver, CO

• Geophysicist for three Mission Canyon discoveries (250 to 500 MBO) in the Williston Basin: Vanville, Spring Coulee, and Great Northern fields.
• Interpreted 600 miles of 2-D seismic data and 208 electrical logs resulting in three leads on the hanging wall of the southern Wind River thrust, northern Red Desert Basin.

1990 to 1992 - Graduate Student, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

• Designed and taught integrated exploration exercises to graduate level geology, geophysics, and petroleum engineering students.
• Organized and taught geology field camp for geophysicists and pet. engineering students.

1984 to 1990 - Geophysicist, Home Petroleum Corporation, Denver, CO

• Geophysicist jointly responsible for the discovery of Plaza Field, 3 MMBO, Bluell Member, Mission Canyon Formation, Williston Basin.
• Development Geophysicist for Wabek Field, 9 MMBO, Williston Basin, Sherwood Member, Mission Canyon Formation, resulting in 23 economic wells out of 26 drilled.
• Developed stratigraphic exploratory prospects, secured partners and strategic alliances resulting in numerous prospects and the drilling of 5 exploration wells.


Fidelity Exploration & Production:
• Managed the acquisition of seven 3D seismic programs totaling 390 square miles of 3D data.
• Paradox Basin: Licensed and oversaw reprocessing of over 1,250 miles of 2-D data. Integrated with existing 3-D data to define structural elements of the basin. This work lead to the understanding of how fractures were generated in the Paradox formation and the identification of multiple Leadville prospects. Oversaw the design, permitting, acquisition of two 3-D surveys on BLM lands. Both require the development of an Environmental Assessment. Interpreted these along with other 3-D.s to identify and propose prospective Cane Creek horizontal wells. Two of the wells drilled have an EUR in excess of 1.0 MMBO. Steered horizontal wells in the Cane Creek interval of the Paradox formation.
• Hartville Uplift: Licensed and oversaw reprocessing of over 400 miles of 2-D data. Interpretation of these data plus an existing 3-D resulted in 13 prospects in the Leo and Canyon Springs formations. Planning and managed a 3-D Vibroseis survey the lead to the proposal and drilling of two exploratory wells.
• DJ Basin: Oversaw the design, permitting, acquisition of two 3D surveys totaling 133 square miles. Interpreted them to identify geohazards and areas of potential fracturing. Four unsuccessful wells were drilled.
• Big Horn Basin: Managed the acquisition of a mixed source 28 square mile 3-D survey on BLM lands in Carbon Co., MT. The permit was conducted under a categorical exclusion from the BLM. Generated three stratigraphic prospects from the data. Exploratory wells have not been drilled.

International Reservoir Technologies:
• Built structural and stratigraphic models of the mid-Miocene F6, F7, and F8 gas and gas-condensate reservoirs. Interpreted 3-D seismic, well and production data and produced a consistent deterministic model for each reservoir, Fourier Field, NaKika Unit Mississippi Canyon Block 522, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. (BP)
• Reservoir Characterization of fractured tight gas-condensate reservoir, Gibraltar Field, Western Llanos Basin Thrust Belt, Columbia. (Ecopetrol)
• Project Manager and seismic interpretation of three recently acquired large 3-D seismic surveys: Puerto Ceiba, Shucco-Colibri, and Yachipa, Southern Mexico. Structurally complex area that had undergone compressional, extensional and salt tectonics. Work included interpretation, integration with well control, 3-D velocity modeling including salt bodies, and generating the structural frame for Tertiary and Mesozoic reservoirs. Project resulted in 15 high quality stratigraphic and structural drilling prospects. Work was done onsite in Pemex offices in Villahermosa, Mexico. (PEMEX and PGS Onshore)
• Responsible for the static model construction of the M Sands, Lower Burgan Reservoir, Raudhatain Field, Kuwait. Responsibilities included developing and implementing a new correlation scheme that subdivided the reservoir into 25 flow units from detailed integration of core, log, and RFT data from over 160 well penetrations. (KOC and BP)
• On-site director for the development of a completions database in a heavy oil reservoir undergoing cyclic steam injection, Bachaquero Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. (PDVSA)
• Built static models for Zubair Reservoirs over the course of several years for three large Kuwaiti Oil fields (Raudhatain, Abdali, and Ratqa). Work included database building, log correlation, integration of core, surveillance logs, and RFT data and static and dynamic fluid contact definitions to define and model multiple reservoirs. Deterministic mapping of geologic environments and properties for each flow unit. (KOC and BP)
• Integrated geologic, geophysical and petrophysical interpretations to build static model for the VLE196 Field in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. (PDVSA)
• Built static model for F1A sands in the Menzel Lejmat MLNW, MLN, and MLW fields, Berkine Basin, Algeria. Work included developing a depositional model, log correlation, seismic attribute analysis to derive net sand distribution and property mapping. (Burlington Resources)
• Conducted a volumetric analysis of 43 flow units in the Block VI Field in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. The study incorporated log analyses from 130 wells, structural, and stratigraphic information, and production data to derive results. The results predicted that this structurally and stratigraphically complex field had 2.2 MMMBOOIP. (PDVSA)
• Built detailed 3-D structural frame for the VLE-305 Field in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela using geologic and geophysical interpretations from 140 wells and a 3-D seismic survey. (PDVSA)

• Project manager and geophysicist for a large characterization study in San Jorge Basin, Argentina. Developed and implemented work flows to build the structural and stratigraphic framework that incorporates all available geologic and geophysical data along with production test data. Geophysical data include three 3-D seismic surveys, 19 VSP.s, and 319 sonic logs from which 133 faults and eight horizons were interpreted and tied to well control to build accurate structural and velocity models. Logs from 933 wells were used to define over 200 fluvial sand units over the entire field to generate a database of 250,000 stratigraphic picks. These were mapped and integrated with engineering and geophysical data to build a three-dimensional structural and stratigraphic model. (Tecpetrol)
• Built structural, stratigraphic and fracture models for Batab Field, Bay of Campeche, Gulf Coast, Mexico. Work included developing regional depositional, sequence stratigraphic and diagenetic models for the Jurassic, interpretation of a 3-D seismic survey, log correlation, oversight of petrophysical processing and core analysis. Integration of data provided a 21-layer static model used for simulation. (PEMEX)
• Developed the structural and stratigraphic models for a fractured, carbonate, Cretaceous reservoir (10 MMMBO three field complex in Bay of Campeche, Gulf Coast, Mexico). Study included overseeing and integrating petrophysical processing of 180 wells, seismic interpretation of two 3-D seismic surveys, core studies, and borehole image interpretations into a comprehensive 14 layer model over a 32x36 km area using Landmark (OpenWorks, Zmap, SeisWorks, PetroWorks, and StratWorks) and GeoQuest software (CPS with FrameWork Modeling). (PEMEX)
• Conducted seismic interpretation of 3-D seismic survey in Bay of Bohai, China using IESX. Extensive attribute analysis defined distribution of Miocene meandering and braided stream deposits. (Exxon)
• Log Correlation, integration of core and cutting descriptions, and databasing for a regional sequence stratigraphic study of Lodgepole Formation, Williston. (Multi-client study)


M.Sc. Geophysical Engineering, GPA 3.91, Colorado School of Mines, 1995.
Computer Science and Geology, 23 hours, GPA 3.96, University of Colorado, 1986-1989.
B.Sc. Geophysical Engineering, GPA 2.85, Colorado School of Mines, 1984.


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English, Intermediate Spanish


American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Denver Geophysical Society
Denver Geologic Society
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers


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