Dr. John F. Arestad


Dr. Arestad has over 40 years of experience in the energy and minerals industries, possessing a strong background in exploration and development with extensive experience in geophysics and geology. In the first 20 years of his career he worked for exploration and production companies. For the past 20 years he has worked as a Colorado-based geophysical and geologic consultant for numerous companies and organizations in the petroleum, mining, engineering and environmental business. Prior to joining IRT in 2014, he worked as an IRT associate on numerous projects since 2000.

He has expertise with many geophysical methods and geologic analytical techniques. He has applied this expertise to many projects in around the world including Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Caribbean region, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen and the United States (Alaska, West Coast States, Rocky Mountain States, Gulf Coast States and offshore Gulf of Mexico). He has conducted numerous shallow seismic reflection mineral / environmental / land use projects in Western United States. Dr. Arestad has managed international and domestic USA seismic reflection projects including survey design, implementation, data processing quality control and interpretation. He uses computer workstations extensively for database management, economic evaluations, geological and geophysical data interpretations/analyses utilizing IHS (Kingdom Suite & Petra), Hampson-Russell, Landmark, ProMax, GeoGraphix, and other software. He is fluent in Spanish and has worked in several Latin American countries.


2014 - Sep. 2017 - Senior Consultant - Geophysics / Geology
International Reservoir Technologies, Inc. - Lakewood, Colorado

  • Integrated field study in north Kuwait
  • Miscellaneous seismic interpretation projects

2000 - 2014 - Present Co-founder, Principal ExplorTech LLC - Littleton, Colorado

  • Design, implementation, processing, and interpretation of multicomponent seismic surveys
  • Integrated exploration and development consulting for petroleum and coal resources, as well as engineering and environmental objectives 
  • Domestic USA consulting projects
  • Exploration play and prospect development
  • Integrated exploration and development training

Malkewicz Heuni Associates, Inc. - Geosciences Associate

Petroleum reserve audits and independent evaluations - Australia (NW Shelf, Timor Sea, Bass Basin), New Zealand, Viet Nam

1995 - 2000 Geophysical/Geological Consultant - Littleton, Colorado

Independent geophysical / geological consultant specializing in integrated interpretation. Significant recent projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Mexico, Wyoming, N. Dakota, Alberta, Oklahoma, California and Nebraska. 

1992 - 1995 Colorado School of Mines Graduate Student/Research Assistant - Golden, Colorado

Conducted applied research on the utilization of multicomponent three-dimensional seismology for the characterization of carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs. Integrated geological study with seismic data for improved reservoir description. Earned a doctoral degree in geophysics with a minor in geology.

1984 - 1992 - Santa Fe International Corp. Senior Geologist/Geophysicist - Dallas, Texas

  • Conducted oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico (both onshore and offshore), Louisiana, South and West Texas, the Rockies and South America. In addition, produced geological and geophysical interpretations to support drilling in the Geysers geothermal field of California.
  • Generated oil and gas prospects for offshore Gulf of Mexico lease sales utilizing geological, geophysical, geochemical, and production data.
  • Conducted, wrote and presented study of a regional geologic trend, offshore Louisiana. Resulted in active exploration of area. Large regional Pliocence geologic study of S. Timbalier - W. Cameron area.
  • Evaluated, selected and implemented computer software for the development of a three dimensional subsurface geological model of Santa Fe's Geysers geothermal producing leasehold.
  • Developed geologic targets for eleven (11) consecutive successful extension and development wells in the Geysers geothermal field.
  • Built and utilized a computer economic model to evaluate geothermal investment opportunities. 
  • Evaluated numerous oil and gas development opportunities in several petroleum provinces.

1980 - 1984 Occidental Petroleum - Lead Explorationist - Bakersfield, California

  • Directed geothermal exploration program including geology, geophysics, budgeting, evaluations, strategic planning and staff supervision. Geothermal Division acquired by Santa Fe in 1984.
  • Supervised and provided geophysical support for exploration of Long Valley prospect, CA. Led to successful drilling and development of Casa Diablo power project. 
  • Had direct project responsibility for exploration of the Glass Mtn. geothermal area, CA. Project under development planning.
  • Provided geophysical support for many prospect areas utilizing electromagnetics, resistivity, gravity and magnetics, heat flow, and seismology. Also utilized fluid and soil geochemistry.
  • Conducted regional evaluations for geothermal potential in much of the western U.S. and some international areas.

1973 - 1980 Johns-Manville Corp. Senior Geologist - Billings, MT/Denver, Colorado

Contributed to geological/geophysical effort for the discovery, delineation and development of the Stillwater Platinum Mine, Montana.

Responsible for all aspects of geophysical exploration on most of company's mineral exploration projects.

Conducted computer statistical evaluation of ore grades for mine feasibility study.


Ph.D. - Geophysics (Geology minor) - Colorado School of Mines 1995

M.Sc. - Geophysics (Geology minor) - Colorado School of Mines 1977

B.Sc. (Honors) - Earth Science (Geophysics) - Montana State University 1973


American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Denver Geophysical Society


Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

Client Location Description
KOC, Raudhatain Field Cretaceous Zubair Clastic and Ratawi Clastic/Carbonate Reservoirs (North Kuwait) Interpret 3D seismic data across the field. Interpretations are used for structural model. Geological interpretation, mapping and fault cut determinations.
KOC, Sabiriyah Field Cretaceous Zubair Clastic and Ratawi Clastic/Carbonate Reservoirs (North Kuwait) Interpreted 3D seismic data across the field. Interpretations were used for structural model. Geological interpretation, mapping and contacts determinations. Conducted inversions of processed seismic data.
LVM, Lisbon Valley, Utah Cretaceous Sandstone Copper Deposits, Utah Interpreted and depth converted 2D seismic data that were used to develop area structural model.
Olsen Engineering, La Platosa Carbonate hosted silver deposits, Mexico Interpreted 2D seismic data for structural and stratigraphic evaluation of seismic application to development planning.
MBI O&G, Williston Basin Ordovician Sandstone Reservoir, North Dakota Interpreted reprocessed 3D seismic data across prospect area. Interpretations were used for structural model.
Caerus O&G, Mid-Continent Cretaceous Sandstone Reservoir, Oklahoma Interpreted and depth converted 2D seismic data that were used to develop area structural model.
New World Oil and Gas, Denmark Permian and Carboniferous Reservoirs Interpreted reprocessed 2D seismic data across prospect area. Conducted AVO analyses of sandstone amplitude anomalies.
Ecopetrol, Yarigui Cantagallo Field Tertiary fluvial sandstones, Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia Interpreted 3D seismic data across the field. Interpretations were used for structural model.
BP/KOC, Sabiriyah and Raudhatain Fields Cretaceous Mauddud Carbonate Reservoir (North Kuwait) Interpreted 3D seismic data across the field. Interpretations were used for structural model.
Questar, Clear Creek Field Triassic Nugget sandstone, WY Overthrust, (SW Wyoming) Conducted analyses of dip meter data.
PGS/Pemex, Southern Mexico Tertiary and Mesozoic Reservoirs Seismic interpretation of three large 3D seismic surveys for structure and stratigraphy.
BP/KOC, Raudhatain Field Lower Burgan sandstone Reservoirs, (North Kuwait) Conducted geological analysis of reservoir sandstone distributions.
PDVSA, Bachaquero field. Venezuela Sandstone reservoirs, Lake Maracaibo Interpreted 3D seismic survey across field study area for structural model construction.
KOC Raudhatain Field Cretaceous Zubair Clastic and Ratawi Clastic/Carbonate Reservoirs (North Kuwait) Interpreted 3D seismic data across the field. Interpretations were used for structural model. Evaluation of seismic attributes for stratigraphic information.