Dr. Darrell L. Kramer


Dr. Kramer is an innovative, problem solving geoscientist skilled in Landmark 2-D and 3-D Workstation software, GeoGraphix, RMS Geocellular modeling and TerraScience's TerraStation software packages. He has over 35 years. experience in the geoscience field. For the past 30 years, Dr. Kramer has worked in the areas 2D and 3D of seismic interpretation (carbonates as well as clastics), seismic processing, seismic acquisition, geophysical log analysis, and software development. He has worked using multicomponent analysis of both surface and borehole data for the identification of in-situ stress and fracture detection. He has worked and managed cross-functional teams. His background includes positions in exploration, production, and research; and he has worked both domestically and internationally.


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1998 to Present - Senior Geoscientist, Board Member, International Reservoir Technologies

    Duties include management of geoscience teams, integrated studies including geological and petrophysical analyses, 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation, structural model build, seismic attribute modeling, geocellular modeling, image log, Stonely and shear wave analysis and the supervision of seismic data processing. Additional duties include map based volumetric estimations and risk analysis.

    Carbonate Reservoir Experience include the following:

    Raudhatain and Sabiriyah Fields, Mauddud Reservoir, Kuwait - Reservoir Characterization
    Various Fields, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia - Review of exploration projects
    Albian and Aptian Reservoirs - Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil - Exploration
    Umm0Gudair Field, Kuwait, Minagish Reservoir - Review of Reservoir Characterization
    Red Wind Creek Field, South Dakota - Reservoir characterization for meteorite impact fracture carbonate

    Fractured Reservoir Experience:

    South Casper Creek Field, Multicomponent VSP for Subsurface Fracture Detection - Clastic oil reservoir
    Columbus Basin - Offshore Trinidad and Tobago - Fractured Chert Reservoirs - Exploration
    El Segundo Field - Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia - Reservoir characterization for fractured only clastic
         reservoir - oil and gas
    Big Lake Field - Coopers Basin, Australia - Fracture characterization for tight clastic reservoir - gas
    Opon Field - Magdalena Basin, Colombia - Fractured clastic reservoir - gas
    Rhourde El Baguel Field, Algeria - Fracture characterization for reservoir model - oil and gas
    Davidovskoe, Rostashinskoe and Konnovoskoe Fields, Orenburg Region, Russia - Fracture enhanced clastic reservoirs
    Mishrif (Rubble) Reservoir, Awali Field, Bahrain

1997 to 1998 - Spirit Energy, Inc. (Formerly UNOCAL), Sugar Land, TX

    Seismic interpretation (structural and stratigraphic) for offshore Louisiana and Texas of 3-D and 2-D seismic data for OCS leases sales. Synthetic and AVO modeling for oil and gas exploration. Monitor operation of wells drilled.

1995 to 1997 - UNOCAL Oil and Gas Division, Lafayette, LA

    Seismic interpretation and well planning for the development of 350 BCF gas field, Gulf of Mexico. Exploitation and exploration of surrounding lease blocks. Interpretation of 2 D seismic data to determine exploration plays and recommendation of lease bids for 96 Texas, GOM lease sale. Developed the algorithm for UNOCAL.s version of coherency cube technology to aid in the interpretation of faulting for 3-D seismic data. Technology used company wide.

1992 to 1995 - UNOCAL Energy Resources Division, Sugar Land, TX

    Participated in a six-month assignment in gravity and magnetics department. Interpretation and modeling of gravity and magnetic data to aid in frontier exploration, Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Yemen, NWT Canada, Algeria, Trinidad.

Project Geophysicist Caribbean Team, Frontier Exploration in Columbus Basin offshore Eastern Trinidad. Discovery of approximately 20 MMbbls OOIP but it was considered uneconomic at the time. Duties include quality control of acquisition and processing of 3-D seismic survey. Interpretation of 2-D and 3-D seismic data, and recommended well locations of a three well exploration program. Design and write contracts for VSP and site surveys. Oversee reprocessing of 3-D seismic survey to enhance site surveys. Presentations to and training of Ministry of Energy, Republic of Trinidad personnel. Preview data for 1995 lease sale. Presentations to prospective partners on block. Principal author of paper delivered at Geophysical congress, Caracas, Venezuela, 1994. Second paper delivered at AAPG conference in Rio de Janeiro, 1997.

1991 to 1992 - UNOCAL Science and Technology Division, Brea, CA

    Source signature study of shear wave vibrators to determine source and receiver array configuration to eliminate ground roll. Develop and implement multicomponent deconvolution operator. Testing and recommendations for development of company proprietary prestack depth migration programs that honor anisotropy. Anisotropy and synthetic seismogram models -- Baku, Azerbaijan.

1984 to 1988 - Mobil Oil Canada, Ltd, Calgary, AB

    Interpretation of 2-D seismic data, seismic data acquisition and 3-D seismic surveys for exploration opportunities in the Alberta Basin foothills region. Quality control of 3-D seismic processing. Specialty processing of seismic secondary recovery. Repeated seismic surveys to monitor stream front during tertiary recovery program in heavy oils.

Developed and implemented earth filters (Q- compensation) for synthetic seismograms to better match seismic data. Developed initial 3-D seismic interpretation program. Aided in the development of a proprietary attribute analysis program to enhance seismic interpretation.

1979 to 1982 - Summer Employment Various Companies, Northern Canada

    Mineral exploration for uranium using various geophysical techniques including VLF, gravity, Induced polarization, electromagnetic (EM37), seismic, radon detection. Projects and responsibility include field camp organization, data acquisition, processing and analysis.


    PhD, Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines, 1991
    M.S., Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines, 1984
    B.S., (Honors) Physics, University of Regina, 1981
    B.Ed., Math and Physical Education, University of Regina, 1979


    SPE 121878 J. A. Murtha, R. Osorio, and H. H. Perez, ECOPETROL, D. L. Kramer, R. J. Skinner, C. A Williams, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc. Experimental Design: Three Contrasting Projects, Presented at the 2009 SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference held in Cartagena, Colombia, 31 May . 3 June, 2009.

    SPE 86996-MS Darrell Kramer, David List, Laura Tillman, Keith Jagiello, Tom Gould, International Reservoir Technologies: Seismic and Geological Evidence of Complex "Positive Flower" Structures Along Confining Bends in Strike-slip Faults, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Presented at the SPE Asian Pacific Conference on Integrated Modeling for Asset Management, 29-30 March 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Xu, Wenlong, Kramer, D. L., Dooley, Paul, Domingue, Kirby and Vo, D.T., Brazos A-105 D-sand Reservoir Modeling by Integration of Seismic Elastic Inversion Results with Geostatistical Techniques, AAPG Publication: Stochastic Modeling II, edited by T. C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus and R. L. Chambers, 2003.

    Dunham, J.B., Frankforter, M., Kramer, D.L. and Weihe, J.: .Thin-Skinned Deformation of the Cretaceous and Tertiary Sedimentary Section of Eastern Offshore Trinidad, Second AAPG/SVG International Congress; Caracas Venezuela, Proceedings, p. A13; 1996.

    Weihe, J., Dunham, J. and Kramer, D.L.: .3-D Seismic and Gravity Interpretation of a Fractured Cretaceous Exploration Play.; Offshore Eastern, Trinidad, VII Venezuelan Geophysical Congress, Expanded Abstracts, 94, 274-270; 1994.

    Kramer, D.L. and Davis, T.L.: .Multicomponent Vertical Seismic Profiles for Reservoir Characterization; South Casper Creek field, Natrona County, Wyoming, 61st Annual International Meeting, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Expanded Abstracts, 91, 383-386; 1991.

    Kramer, D.L.: .Multicomponent, Multioffset VSP Processing., 61st Annual International Meeting, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Expanded Abstracts, 91, 38-42; 1991.

    Kramer, D.L. and Davis, T.L.: .Multicomponent VSPs For Reservoir Characterization.; South Casper Creek Field, Wyoming, The Leading Edge, 11, no. 9, 31-35; 1991.

Kramer, D.L.: .TDEM-Seismic Correlation., 54th Annual International Meeting, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Expanded Abstracts, 84, Session: EM2.7; 1984.


    Numerous presentations to clients, colleagues and at local and international conferences (SEG, CSEG, DGS, SPE)


    Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, EXCEL, Power Point, Project)
    WellCAD - Core Logging Software
    TerraScience.s Terra Station - Petrophysical and Image Software
    Decisioneering's - Crystal Ball
    TerraSciences - TerraStation for image log interpretation
    PowerLog - Petrophysical software
    Landmark's complete suite of geoscience software including:
    • 2D and 3D SeisWorks
    • OpenWorks
    • Syntool and LogM
    • StratWorks
    • Rave
    • Geographix - SeisVision
    • SeisCube and GeoProbe
    • ZMapDepth Team Express and TDQ
    • PostStack/PAL
    • SpecDecomp
    • Prizm


    Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
    Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG)
    Denver Geophysical Society (DGS)
    Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)
    American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)


    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Reading comprehension and conversational


    U.S. Serial No. 6,141,622 . Seismic Semblance/Discontinuity Method, October 31, 2000


    Skiing, ice hockey, softball, hiking, volleyball, music and fine wines


Partial List of Studies Performed

Client/Field Location Description
Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA Manage a team and perform the geoscience review of the Tiger Eye gas discovery well
Arcis / Yancoal South Central Saskatchewan, Canada Design and interpret a detailed 2D seismic survey for exploration of potash deposits
BP, Houston Kaskida Field Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Generate genetic element based training images to implement multipoint statistics in a geocellular model for the field.
Cepcolsa, Colombia Llanos Basin, Colombia Management of team and geophysical analyses of seven oil fields in the Llanos basin to develop regional depositional environments and reservoir characterization as input to geocellular models
BP, Houston Kaskida Field Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Analyses of capillary pressure and SCAL data to develop parameters for transition zone estimate in order to update of geocellular model to include for water flood analysis
TNK-BP/TNNC, Russia Suzun Field, Yamal Region, Russia Update geocellular models for the Nkh and Sd reservoirs to study gas injection for miscible and immiscible enhanced oil recovery
TNNC Tyumen, Russia Taught Introduction to Geocellular Modeling Class to TNNC employees
TNK-BP/TNNC Suzun Field, Russia Siberia, Russia Review of geocellular model and seismic data to prepare variances in parameters used for field development projects
Maersk - Campos/Santos Basin, Brazil Offshore Brazil Exploration assistance in the pre-salt sediments (Aptian), offshore Brazil for Maersk
ERG/LINC Energy - Various Fields Louisiana and Texas Reserves audit review for due diligence in valuation of ERG.s Texas and Louisiana Assets for purchase by LINC Energy
Petrominerales Orito Field Putumayo Basin Colombia Detailed geocellular model for the clastic Caballos Reservoir
True Oil Company Red Wing Creek Field North Dakota, USA Seismic interpretation, Geological correlation and detailed geocellular model of an oil and gas field generated due to a meteorite impact structure
BP Kaskida Field Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Geocellular models for the Deep Water Turbidite Deposit
MEDCO Various Fields Indonesia Technical training courses on seismic sequence stratigraphy and geophysics. Mentoring on various fields within Indonesia
KOC Umm-Gudair Field Kuwait Review of geophysical, geological and geocellular model for technical limits study
The Strickland Group Algeria Expert witness for a litigation trial. Project is to be completed by September 1, 2009 so no details can be discussed until that period.
ECOPETROL Castilla and Chichimene Fields Llanos Basin Colombia Team leader, database development, seismic interpretation, geophysical modeling, and structural mapping
BP/KOC Raudhatain/Sabiriyah Fields Mauddud Reservoir (Northern Kuwait) Seismic analysis and modeling, image log interpretation, core description assistant, normalization of wire-line logs for integrated study of a carbonate reservoir
ECOPETROL Gibraltar Field Mirador Reservoir Eastern Cordillera Foothills Colombia Seismic interpretation, structural model build for simulation to determine if new discovery is economic for development
BP/KOC Ratqa Field Zubair Reservoir (Northern Kuwait) 3D seismic interpretation, structural model build, seismic modeling and training for integrated study
Petronas Duyong Field Offshore Eastern Peninsular (Malaysia) 3D seismic interpretation, AVO and attribute modeling and analysis for an integrated study
PDVSA Lagunillas-Lago Field Bachaquero Reservoir, Lake Maracaibo(Venezuela) 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, AVO and attribute modeling for an integrated study of a 3000+ well heavy oil field
Sipetrol Guaduas Field Middle Magdalena Basin, (Colombia) Seismic integration, structural model build and volumetrics for integrated study of fracture only carbonate reservoir
BP/KOC Abdali Field Zubair Reservoir, (Northern Kuwait) 3D seismic interpretation and seismic modeling for integrated study
BP/KOC Raudhatain Field Lower Burgan Reservoir, (Northern Kuwait) 3D seismic interpretation and seismic modeling for integrated study
PDVSA Lagunillas-Lago Field Bachaquero Reservoir, Lake Maracaibo, (Venezuela) Develop geophysical database, AVO modeling, QC processing of 3D seismic and AVO volume
BP/KOC Raudhatain Field Zubair Reservoir (Northern Kuwait) Training of personnel in areas of synthetic seismograms and attribute analysis
Petrocolombia Opòn Field Magdalena Basin (Colombia) Project manager, analysis of geophysical data for fracture identification and estimates of upside potential
Santos Coopers Basin Nappamerri Trough (Australia) Seismic interpretation for exploration of tight gas sands
PDVSA Centro Sur Lago Lake Maracaibo, (Venezuela) Geophysicist for integrated study
Santos Coopers Basin Big Lake (Australia) Investigation of seismic techniques for fracture reservoir detection using geomechanical modeling
PDVSA Block VI East and V Centro Lake Maracaibo, (Venezuela) Seismic interpretation and development potential for fully-integrated study
ECOPETROL Cupiagua South Field (Colombia) Project manager for exploration potential
BP Cusiana Field (Colombia) Seismic Interpretation of 3D survey for drilling verification
Can West Exploration Upper Magdalena Basin, (Colombia) Exploration evaluation of Bloque Lagunillas
ECOPETROL Middle Magdalena Basin, (Colombia) Integrated Reservoir Study of the Cimarrona Formation in the El Segundo Field
Sheridan Energy Llanos Basin, (Colombia) Seismic Evaluation of Bloque Maya for Exploration Bid Round
Unocal International Campos Basin, (Offshore Brazil) Exploration of deepwater turbidities