Mr. Nicholas J. Cavaleri


Mr. Cavaleri has over 40 years of experience as a petroleum engineer. At various times in his career he has specialized in the areas of simulation, well test analysis, reserve determination, enhanced oil recovery, well drilling and completion, economic evaluation and computer programming. He has worked on oil, gas, oil shale, coal bed methane and gas storage projects. Geographically he has experience in most major US Basins as well as significant international exposure (Mexico, South America, Africa, Russia, Indonesia and the Middle East).


2005 to August 2015 - Senior Consultant: IRT

Duties include reservoir simulation studies,(Black Oil and Compositional), pressure transient analysis, classic reservoir engineering determinations (material balance, water flood predictions, volumetric calculations, economics), EOR screening (miscible and thermal processes) and well bore subsurface support (nodal analysis, completion and stimulation evaluation, artificial lift studies).

1991 to 2005 - Independent Reservoir Engineer

Reserve evaluation, (volumetric, material balance, decline curve analysis), reservoir characterization (pressure and rate transient analysis, petrophysical analysis, PVT analysis), simulation (Black Oil and compositional) waterflood design and evaluation, drill and test Coal Bed Methane wells, hydraulic fracture stimulation and teaching assignments (pressure transient analysis, simulation).

1981 to 1991 - Chief Reservoir Engineer; Diamond Shamrock / Maxus; Dallas, TX & Denver, Co

Responsible for reserve evaluation, major acquisition analysis (reserve and performance estimates, technology assessments, bid analysis), reservoir management EOR projects (water, polymer and miscible floods, gas recycling) reservoir simulation (to support EOR projects), reservoir aspects of horizontal drilling and unconventional reservoirs (shales, Coal Bed Methane).

1978 to 1981 - District Reservoir Engineer; BHP / Energy Reserves Group; Casper, WY

Responsible for reserve evaluation (as above), petrophysics (onsite supervision of open hole logging operations and log evaluation), and regulatory issues (preservation of correlative rights and well spacing).

1976 to 1978 - Drilling and Production Engineer; Naval Petroleum Reserve #1; Bakersfield, CA

Responsible for design of drilling program, managed rig schedules, wrote and evaluated bid specifications for goods and services, and optimized production (design and implement work over programs).

1975 to 1976 - Reservoir and Production Engineer; Public Service Company of Colorado; Denver, CO

Responsible for reserves evaluations and the viability of pipeline connection for gas wells; designed and implemented gas wells completions.

1974 to 1975 - Field Automations Engineer / Technical Programmer; Mobile Oil Corporation; Corpus Christi, TX

Responsible for developing hardware and software systems for producing oil and gas. Developed software to support field production engineering design functions.

1971 to 1974 - Sales and Service Engineer; FMC Corporation; Corpus Christi, TX

Responsible for the design, market, installation and repair of onshore and offshore wellhead equipment.


30 Hours of graduate courses
Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Post Graduate Courses and Training include:

Well Test Theory & Practice - H.C. Slider, Ohio, State University

Modern Well Test Analysis - Roland Horne, Stanford University

Well Test Analysis - Alain Gringarten, Scientific Software Intercomp
Well Test Analysis - George Stewart, Hariot-Watt University

Pressure Transient Testing Design & Analysis - James Smith, Texas Tech University
Waterflooding - James Smith, Texas Tech University

Reservoir Simulation - Gordon Thomas & Chet Ozgen, Scientific Software Intercomp

Naturally Fractured Reservoirs - Roberto Aguilera, PhD

Reservoir Simulation & Forecasting - Tom Gould & Vernon Breit, International Reservoir Technologies

Practical Horizontal Well Technology Practices - Sada Joshi & Frank Schuh, University of Tulsa

SEC Reserve Reporting - John Lee, Texas A&M University
ECLIPSE Reservoir Simulator Users Course - INTERA

Economic Evaluation Using ARIES - Guy Humphries, Monroe Garrett

Drill Stem Testing - E.E. Milner, Johnson Schlumberger
Open Hole Well Logging - Schlumberger
Cased Hole Well Logging - Schlumberger

Open Hole Well Logging - Dresser Atlas
Cased Hole Tools - Dresser Atlas

Fundamentals of core analysis - Core Lab
Special Core Analysis - Core Lab

Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbons - Core Lab



Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed

Client Field Description
Cook Inlet and Nenana Basin / Cook Inlet Region Inc. (a native corporation) Alaska / Multiple Economic and Risk Evaluation for four exploratory projects.
Newberg, Mouse River and Mohall Fields / Enduro North Dakota / Madison Miscible/Immiscible CO2 Flood screening, design and simulation.
Campo Field / Investment Equipment LLC Colorado / Lansing - Kansas City Limestone Design a Build Up test to evaluate the drained area of a tight gas well.
Bahrain Field - Bahrain Zone Bahrain / Bahrain Zone Analyze the Historical Production Performance.
Bahrain Field - Ostracod - Magwa Bahrain Technical review of Fractured Carbonate reservoir performance from a production engineering view.
Bahrain Field - Rubble Bahrain Technical Review of Rubble Formation Steam Injection.
Suzun Field TNK-BP Siberia Miscible and Immiscible gas injection feasibility study.
Milne Point Field BP Alaska Artificial lift Optimization Study focusing on ESP and PCP technology

Elk Hills Field Occidental Petroleum California Screen Monterey Shale reservoirs for Thermal EOR applications

Orito Field PetroMinerales Columbia Investigate reservoir and production parameters to improve history match

Multi Property Acquisition Linc Energy Texas Gulf Coast Evaluate the reserves for a 200 MM$+ Acquisition

Amherstia and Immortelle Fields BP Off Shore Trinidad-Tobago Develop reservoir simulation model of a 146 MMBO/1.8 TCF oil field including history match and Prediction runs

Zamzama Gas Field
/ BHP Sindh District Pakistan Develop reservoir simulation model of a 3 TCF gas field including history match and Prediction runs
Prudhoe Bay, Milne Point and Endicott Fields / BP North Slope Alaska Separate study for each field to predict and access the impact of well bore failures on production and rig requirements
Prudhoe Bay Field / BP North Slope Alaska Study the Applicability of Electrical Submergible Pumps in the field
Prudhoe Bay Field / BP North Slope Alaska Model the effects of CO2 corrosion on installed Carbon Steele tubing strings
Bush Lake and Sleeping Giant Fields / Nance Petroleum Montana 3 separate Simulation Studies to determine optimum field development plan for each of three formations
Suzun, Tagul, Ruskoye
/ BP-TNK Siberia Simulation to evaluate potential of undeveloped oil fields
Mamore Field / REPSOL Bolivia Field Study to determine and evaluate the Optimal Plan of development
Clear Creek Field
/ Questar Wyoming Full field simulation model Study to determine an operating plan for this gas storage field
Gibraltar / Ecopetrol Columbia Field Study to determine the Viability of this New Discovery
Cupiagua, Cusiana and Piedemonte Fields
/ Ecopetrol Columbia Three separate compositional simulation studies to calibrate the wellbore heat transfer coefficients in order to give correct liquid yields for each field
Sabiriyah and Raudhatain Fields / KOC - BP Kuwait Simulation Study to evaluate various methods of artificial lift.
Sabiriyah Lower Burgan Field / KOC - BP Kuwait Full field simulation study In which I focused on integrating PVT analysis and Special Core Analysis data into the model I also generating production input for the history match
Burgos Basin Field Study / PEMEX Mexico Full Field Simulation Model of multi field tight Gas Reservoir
Karoo Basin Coal Bed Methane / Trotter Exploration Zimbabwe Drill, core and tests 4 wells for coal bed methane potential
Niger Basin / Nigerian Oil Ministry Nigeria Part of a team charged with auditing the Nigerian reserve additions submitted by Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Elf and AGIP
Multiple Well Tests
/ Anadarko, British Gas, BHP, CNG, Costal, Du Pont, Exxon, Enron, Kerr-Megee , Lasmo, Phillips, Texaco Multiple domestic and international locations Performed complex pressure transient analysis of well tests from all over the world
Alpha Field / Maxus Wyoming Simulation study to design polymer flood
Beaufort Sea Lease Sale / Diamond Shamrock North Slope Alaska Engineering lead on Multi-discipline team to develop bids for multi billion dollar offshore lease sale
Deep well Drilling Naval Petroleum Reserve / DOE - Chevron California Bid evaluation to select a Rig to drill an 18000 ft basement test
West Ranch / Mobil Texas Develop Automation Software to control Glasscock waterflood