Mr. Mark C. Lederer


Mr. Lederer is a reservoir engineer with over 32 years experience in computer based reservoir studies and reservoir simulation. He has been responsible for research and development in the areas of reservoir simulation, forecasting systems, and pre- and post-processor systems. Mr. Lederer has performed reservoir studies for Alaska, Colombia, and North Sea assets. His expertise also includes building and history matching compositional full field models for EOR optimization.


32 Years: British Petroleum

2001 to 2009 - Asset RE - Holstein Field, GOM

  • Carbonate and mixed carbonate/siliciclastic core description, genetic stratigraphy, sedimentology, and petrography.
  • Depositional and diagenetic interpretation and development of depositional/sequence stratigraphic framework for geostatistical and reservoir modeling.
  • Sedimentology, petrography, genetic and sequence stratigraphy, and modeling studies applied to petroleum exploration, field-scale development and enhanced recovery.
  • Reservoir characterization studies requiring high-resolution digitally captured core description, detailed facies analysis geared toward geological/reservoir evaluation, modeling, simulation, infill drilling, enhanced hydrocarbon recovery. 
  • Project coordination

1999 to 2000 - Asset RE - Marnock Field, North Sea

  • Performed simulation to support development drilling.
  • Supported life of field plan and yearly offtake plan for DTI submissions.
  • Evaluated waterflood option.

1998 to 1999 - Asset RE - Miller Field, North Sea

  • Built and history matched compositional full field model for EOR optimization.
  • Worked on life of field planning, reserves determination and supported DTI submissions.

1988 to 1998 - RE - Houston Technology Group

  • Led BP's global simulation support team. Benchmarked and validated BP's VIP code.
  • Performed reservoir studies for Alaska, Colombia and North Sea assets.
  • Provided VIP support and code enhancements for BP assets.
  • Converted Eclipse models to VIP.
  • Developed cluster computing methodology.
  • Authored training material.

1985 to 1987 - Asset RE - Anchorage

  • Developed first fine grid (40 acre) Prudhoe Bay Full field model.
  • Performed simulations to support 1987 Prudhoe Bay Five Year Plan.
  • Developed reservoir simulation pre- and post-processor systems to support Prudhoe Bay simulation.

1984 - Facilities Commissioning Engineer - Prudhoe Bay

  • Worked as facilities commissioning engineer for low pressure separation and produced water expansion and installation at Prudhoe Bay (LPS-II & PWX-III).
  • Developed training material and conducted operator training at Gathering Center 1, Prudhoe Bay.

1977 to 1983 RE - BP Alaska, San Francisco, CA

  • Created Prudhoe Bay Field well performance database.
  • Coauthored 1983 Prudhoe Bay reservoir management strategy.
  • Developed Prudhoe Bay Field performance forecasting system.
  • Worked on BP internal simulator (RS3D3P) code development.
  • Performed reservoir simulation studies for Prudhoe Bay field management.


B.A. MATHEMATICS - JUNE 1976 "WITH DISTINCTION," University of California, Berkeley, California


Industry software: VIP, Eclipse, Nexus, TDRM, CoVis, RMS.
Computer Languages: FORTRAN, Basic, Visual Basic, Java, HTML, PHP, Perl, UNIX scripting.


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