Mr. Edward A. Koerperich


Mr. Koerperich has over 40 years petroleum engineering experience including 25 years as independent consultant and 14 years with Shell Oil Company and Shell R&D. Areas of expertise include petrophysical engineering, reserve/economic/equity valuations, acquisitions & divestitures, technical support for litigation issues and project planning & coordination. Geographical experience areas include the Continental United States, Alaska, Mexico, Canada and International. Recent emphasis on these basins: Williston (Bakken), Alberta (Banff, Bakken, Three Forks, Nisku), Uinta (Green River), Greater Green River (Almond, Ericson), Powder River (Turner), DJ (Niobrara) and Sacramento (shaly sand sequences).


1983 to Present - International Consultant, EDKO Petroleum Consultants, Inc., Rocky Mountains, California, USA

     Petrophysical engineering projects: Williston, Alberta, DJ, Uinta, Powder River and Sacramento Basins:
     Determine petrophysical and reservoir characteristics which drive production and distinguish good wells from poor wells.
     Establish relationships between well performance and log response. Calibrate logs from core data and production tests.

     Typical objectives: Reduce logging and coring costs, identify lateral targets, and map "sweet spots". Built processed
     traceplots of mineralogy, porosity, fluids in place and moved fluids using HDS, PST, LESA, Petra, Prizm, and WorkBench
     software. Layer characterization studies.

     EXPLORATION APPLICATIONS: Map SoPhiH and other volumetric parameters directly related to gas or oil-in-place.
     Optimize acreage positions and drilling locations.

     DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS: Reservoir development optimization, identify bypassed pay, predict well performance
     to improve economic decisions, reduce completion costs. Applications translate directly to economic gain and increased

     Reserve, economic and equity valuations: Property evaluations, reserve analysis, log and core analysis, oil-in-place
     and recovery efficiency estimates. Field development projects. Prepared reports for clients, investors and banks. PEEK,
     Mida, Eureka, OCGI, Pogo, Rams.

     Acquisitions and divestitures of producing properties: Planning and strategy, screening prospects, economic
     evaluations, market value estimates, due diligence, post-closing assimilation and spin-off of unwanted properties.
     Preparation of sales packages, reserve and revenues projections.

     Project planning and coordination: Plan strategy, methodology, timing, computer requirements and cost estimates.
     Coordinate multi-disciplinary teams including engineers, geologists and technicians. Perform technical aspects of projects
     relating to reserves, economics, and petrophysics.

1980 to 1983 - Consultant, Critical Resources, Inc., Denver, Colorado, USA

Engineering and economic evaluations of producing and potentially productive properties. Federal condemnation study for nuclear waste site in NM. Estimated market value of affected areas, involving over 2000 wells, using statistical study of well performance, costs, reserves, and discounted cash flows. Developed streamlined screening and evaluation procedures for purchasing productive properties.

1979 to 1980 - Engineering Manager, Walter Duncan Oil Properties, Denver Colorado, USA

Responsible for Production Department activities from well conception to abandonment. Permitting, approvals, contractors, well planning, tubulars and facilities design, completions, workovers, marketing, environmental compliance, secondary recovery, field studies.

1965 to 1979 - Shell Oil Company, Shell Development Company

     1977 to 1979, Senior Petrophysical Engineer, Rocky Mountain Operations Denver CO. - Project Leader for 17000
     BDO, 420 well areas. Designed programs for well workovers, recompletions, fracture and acid treatments, artificial lift.
     Developed a method to improve well completions in deep shaly sand reservoirs.Project Leader for 17000 BDO, 420 well
     areas. Designed programs for well workovers, recompletions, fracture and acid treatments, artificial lift. Developed a
     method to improve well completions in deep shaly sand reservoirs.

     1972 to 1977, Senior Petrophysical Engineer, E & P Research and Development, Houston TX. - Project Leader.
     Evaluated non-conventional techniques for detecting fractures. Participated in research for direct detection of
     hydrocarbons, porosity and stratigraphy from seismic measurements (.bright spots.) and electrotelluric currents. Guest
     lecturer on subjects of seismic data interpretation, acoustics and fracture detection.

     1965 to 1972, Division Petrophysical Engineer, Senior Petrophysical Engineer, Exploitation Engineer,
     Production Department, Los Angeles & Bakersfield CA.
- Supervised formation evaluation projects in West Coast
     states and Utah. Tested new logging tools and interpretative techniques. Location of pay zones from logs and cores in
     heavy oil shaly sand reservoirs. Drilling and EOR project planning. Well evaluations for exploratory drilling offshore CA,
     OR and WA. Developed and tested a method for eliminating noise from the SP log and improving sand counts. Applied for


B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 1965

Numerous industry courses (approximately 110 college hours equivalent) in petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics, operations engineering, economics, statistics, management, technical writing, log interpretation, drilling fluids.


Microsoft products: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.
Log analysis packages: HDS, PST, LESA, Prizm, WorkBench, and LogCalc.
Reserve & economic packages: PEEK, Mida, OCGI, Eureka, Pogo, Rams.
Multi-disciplinary project packages: Petra, Geographix, Z-Map, Canvas, Eclipse.


Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME
Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists


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