Mr. David R. Jefferis


Mr. Jefferis is a reservoir geology consultant with over 25 years experience in reservoir studies including statigraphic correlation, core description and analysis, applied geostatistics, 3D geological and property modeling, volumetric analysis of original and current hydrocarbons in-place (uncertainty analysis); well planning, reservoir surveillance, and construction and initialization of reservoir simulation models. Additionally, he has extensive experience with geological modeling systems. He developed numerical models of petroleum reservoirs in many geological environments worldwide in support of exploration, development, production, and EOR projects. Mr. Jefferis is experienced with developing 3D geological and velocity models and with using streamline simulation.


2012 to Present - Principal Geoscientist/Geomodeler, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, AK
Provide geomodeling support to the WNS geosciences and reservoir engineering groups. Convert existing RMS geomodels to Petrel. Mentor/train WNS geoscience/engineering staff in the use of Petrel. 

2010 to 2012 - Geomodeling Lead, Vintage Production CA, Bakersfield, CA
Conduct independent geomodeling projects as well as mentor others, develop and provide Petrel training courses, develop custom Petrel workflows, perform streamline simulation studies (FRONTSIM), and provide geomodeling support to other OXY resource management teams as needed. 

2007 to 2010 - Independent Consultant, Reservoir Geologist
(Please see attached Addendum for details) 

2006 to 2007 - Senior Staff Reservoir Geologist, Knowledge Reservoir LP, Houston, TX.
Responsible for applied 3D geological modeling of oil and gas reservoirs. 

1999 to 2004 - Reservoir Geologist, Plains Exploration & Production, Houston, TX.
Responsible for development of 3D numerical models for analysis of hydrocarbons in-place, well planning, remaining resources, and water flood monitoring/realignment. 

1996 to 1999 - Reservoir Geologist, Dynamic Graphics, Inc. Alameda, CA.
Responsible for applied 3D geologic modeling of oil & gas reservoirs worldwide. Taught courses on the application of 3D geomodeling to solving reservoir characterization problems (employed with DGI again 2004 -2006). 

1992 to 1996 - Geoscientist, Lockheed ESC, Las Vegas, NV:

Staff Geologist, Remote Sensing Laboratory, Lockheed ESC, Las Vegas, NV.

Principal Investigator for the 3D geologic model of Yucca Mountain.
Principal Geoscientist, Spatial Analysis Laboratory, Lockheed ESC, Las Vegas, NV.
Developed advanced GIS spatial analysis methods for the EPA. Developed regional maps of the distribution of radon in New Mexico using geostatistical methods. 

1991 to 1992 - Manager GIS, Mineral Resources Development, Inc, San Mateo, CA.
Responsible for the development of a GIS business segment and consulting on environmental and oil/gas projects.1989-1991: 

1989 to 1991 - Principal Geologist, Exploration Computing, Unocal Sciences & Technology, Brea, CA.
Developed spatial analysis and 2D/3D modeling methodologies in support of oil/gas exploration and production. 

1983 to 1989 - BP Exploration:

Manager, Geoscience Software Technology, BP Exploration, Houston TX.
Responsible for bringing state-of-the art geological mapping and modeling software in support of domestic
 business units.

Supervisor, Computer Geosciences, BP Alaska, Anchorage, AK.

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the 3D reservoir numerical description of the
 Prudhoe Bay oil/gas reservoir and associated databases.

Supervisor, Numerical Description, BP (formerly SOHIO), San Francisco, CA.

Responsible for the 3D numerical description of the Prudhoe Bay oil/gas reservoir in support of the
 arbitration (Equity) of oil and gas in-place volumetrics. 

1980 to 1983 - Geologist, Dept. Geostatistics, Fluor Mining & Metals, San Mateo, CA.
Developed scientific software to support geostatistical analysis of precious, base metal, oil shale, and coal economic mineral resources. 

1979 to 1980 - Geophysicist, Digitgraph Computer Systems, Tucson, AZ.
Produced regional gravity maps of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona using computer methods. 

1977 to 1979 - Physical Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA,
Department of Regional Geophysics; made numerous reconnaissance gravity surveys throughout Alaska, Nevada and California and interpreted, mapped, and modeled data.


M.S., Engineering Management, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK

M.S., Geology, California State University, Hayward, CA

B.A., Geology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

A.S., Mathematics, Columbia College, Columbia, CA


Carpinteria (Offshore CA)

Prudhoe Bay (AK)

Kern River (SJ Basin)

Boomvang (GOM)

Trading Bay (AK)

Red Mango (Trinidad)

Minas (Indonesia)

Lost Hills (SJ Basin)

Sargent (CA)

Pt. Arguello (Offshore CA)

Kashagan (Kazakhstan)

Inglewood (CA)

Midnight Sun (AK)

Cymric (SJ Basin)

Wamsutter (WY)

McArthur River (AK)

Bonito (Brazil)

Arroyo Grande (CA)

Gap Mt. (NV)

Entrada (GOM)

Rocky Pt. (Offshore CA)

East Rincon (CA)

Inglewood (CA)

Kuparuk (AK)

Midway/Sunset (CA)

Tuha (China)

Elk Hills-ESOZ (CA)

La Cira-Infantas (Colombia)

Liberty (AK)

Tahiti (GOM)

Jack (GOM)

East Beverly Hills (CA)

North Shafter (CA)

Inglewood (CA)


Seria (Brunei)


McKittrick (SJ Basin)


Ula (North Sea)

Shenzi (GOM)

Pompano (GOM)

Cantarell (Mexico)

Alpine (AK)

ADDENDUM (Consulting Reservoir Geologist Work 2007 - 2010)

  • ExxonMobil Production Company, Houston, TX
    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist, Kashagan Project
      • Developed Petrel RE workflows to analyze and display results from ECLIPSE
      • Developed Petrel RE workflows to assess impact of reservoir heterogeneity (higher permeability intervals) on GOR using FrontSim
      • Geomodeling done using Petrel 2008 and FrontSim 2008
      • Project duration: 07/2009 - present
  • Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
    • Consulting Lead Production Geologist, EOR Project, Seria Field, Brunei
      • Developed fine-scaled geological model over EOR pilot area and used FRONTSIM to study impacts of heterogeneity on flow
      • Presented and defended static models during various peer-reviews and VAR meetings
      • Geomodeling done using Petrel 2005/2007
      • Project duration: 11/2007 - 04/2009
  • Cobalt International Energy, Houston, TX
    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist
      • Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water discovery
      • Constructed static model for reservoir simulation
      • Two variations, one with faults, one without faults
      • Deterministic property modeling based on discovery well 

      • Geomodeling done using IRAP/RMS Version 8
      • Project duration: 02/2009 - 12/2009
  • Maersk Oil, Houston, TX 

    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist
      • Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water, two different prospects 
      • Two Petrel 2008 static models constructed for reservoir simulation
      • Single structural models
      • Both deterministic (closest well to prospect) and stochastic realizations
      • Project duration: 3/2009 - 4/2009
  • Callon Petroleum Company, Houston, TX
    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist
      • Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water, Entrada Field
      • Two Petrel 2005 static models for reservoir simulation: shallow sands, deep sands
      • Faulted/Salt bounded
      • Stochastic facies models; stochastic property models conditioned on facies
      • Project Duration: 11/2007 - 04/2008
  • Woodside Energy, Houston, TX
    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist 

      • Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water Prospect
      • Fault/Salt bounded structure, stochastic indicator facies modeling, stochastic property modeling
      • Geomodeling with Petrel 2005
      • Project Duration: 11/2007 - 01/2008
  • Mariner Energy, Houston, TX 

    • Consulting Reservoir Geologist
      • Fault/Salt bounded structure, stochastic indicator facies modeling, stochastic property modeling with Petrel 2005 (Deep Water GOM)
      • Project Duration: 01/2008 - 02/2008