Dr. Masoud Haajizadeh



Dr. Haajizadeh has 32 years of experience in reservoir engineering and application:

  • Expert in reservoir simulation/compositional & black-oil modeling, and Gas Injection EOR
  • Miscible gas/WAG, water flood & gravity drainage/vaporization process evaluation & management
  • Oil, gas and condensate reservoirs, sandstone and carbonate/fractured formations
  • Prospect evaluation, field appraisal & development, surveillance planning, non-conventional wells
  • Classical reservoir engineering, Core Analysis & SCAL, PVT analysis & EOS development
  • Reserves estimation, uncertainty management, economic assessment, pilot design and evaluation
  • Well test design and analysis, tubing hydraulic calculations, decline curve analysis
  • VIP, Eclipse 100 & 300, WinProp, RMS, PIE, UNIX, Spotfire, PC, MS Office, FORTRAN, awk

Plus, 6 years of experience in general engineering and application:
  • Analytical and numerical analysis of heat transfer & fluid flow through porous media
  • Numerical analysis and engineering software development

Leadership and interpersonal:
  • Business focus with solid track record of high quality project delivery against challenging schedules
  • Subsurface project planning and execution, managing projects on maturing resources to reserves
  • Depletion planning, reservoir management, technology project management
  • Advising, supervising, coaching and staff development, leading reservoir studies, peer reviews
  • Working in multi-disciplinary/company teams to resolve complex technical and commercial issues


BP Anchorage, AK - Oct 2010 to Dec 2015

RE Advisor directing Prudhoe Bay Unit (PBU) strategic reservoir development projects

Lead for Development Projects related to Prudhoe Bay Gravity Drainage (GD) Area
Led the formulation of GD work plan, and directed the related simulation and G&G efforts
  • Managed the Value of Drilling project: Performed studies on gas netback and well interference - the developed gas netback curves were implemented in the Unit drilling evaluation tool.
  • Led the Vaporization Optimization project: Conducted mechanistic studies on vaporization efficiency; contributed to the surveillance plan formulation; promoted the perforation of best well candidates for rich gas production - resulted in oil rate increase in the targeted wells.
  • Directed planning and provided advice to the Gravity Drainage - Water Flood Interaction (GDWFI) Project - led to a successful GDWFI Area Performance Evaluation review with Management. Analyzed AKLNG Full Field Model (FFM) simulation runs: quantified impacts of Major Gas Sales and associated uncertainties on recovery, as well as implications on the GDWFI strategy - identified areas for further recovery optimization.
  • Guided planning and provided advice to the Up-structure Zone 4 Injection (UZI) project. Led the design and analysis of FFM runs for UZI evaluation. Influenced pilot surveillance planning, injector perforation and N-Pad review. Coached a summer intern on the project implementation.
Co-led Prudhoe Bay GD Play Type Project
  • Defined various types of remaining oil targets in the GD area and identified the most efficient recovery process for each play type - outcomes are being employed by New Well Delivery Teams.
Directed the definition & prioritization of PBU projects
  • Led the preparation of the PBU Depletion Planning (DP) document - endorsed by Management.
  • Led PBU Risk & Uncertainty Statement and Management (RUSM) work: Prepared a comprehensive list of risks and opportunities; quantified potential impacts on recovery; developed a risk, impact and mitigation table as well as a risk management activity plan - all endorsed by Management.

Reservoir Engineering Advisor for BP Alaska Reservoir Development Function
Provided advisory support to worldwide BP assets
  • Provided advice to the Sunbury Abu Dhabi Team regarding ADCO Concession Renewal: Prepared a comprehensive document on "Water Alternating Gas (WAG) EOR implementation in BP"; determined the degree of CO2 mixing with rich gas that was required for achieving miscibility in relevant ADCO reservoirs - outcomes were incorporated into the submitted bid document.
  • Led the preparation of agenda and the delivery of presentations for conferences on Prudhoe Bay Reservoir Management with ADNOC (Abu Dhabi) and SOCAR (Azerbaijan) representatives.
  • Contributed to Peer Assists (Ula, ACG, Sag and Niakak), and Peer Reviews (Pt. Mac, Milne Point, North Star and Gas Injection EOR options for Viscous Oil reservoirs). Provided advice to Well Reviews, Area Performance Evaluations and Partners Meetings.
Coaching and Staff Development
  • Promoted implementation of best practices in reservoir management, as a member of the Senior Level Leadership within the Reservoir Management Team. Cultivated strong RE competency within BP Alaska with a great emphasis on coaching. Evaluated summer interns and participated in interviewing graduate RE candidates.
  • Contributed to the RE Advisory Board and RE Advanced Development Program. Led an expert committee to design a training program on Mechanistic and Full Field Simulation Models employed in BP worldwide - successfully delivered the training course twice.
  • Contributed to the documentation of BP Simulation Quality Control Guidelines.

Lead for Development Projects related to Lisburne (Fractured Carbonate)
Directed subsurface and reservoir engineering work in support of Lisburne field development
  • Supervised the preparation of DP and RUSM documents - endorsed by partners.
  • Contributed to the preparation and quality control of Reserves and State reports.
  • Led the Long Term Plan preparation, including production and cost profiles.
Led Lisburne simulation work
  • Worked with BP Technology Center, contract staffs and partners' specialists on the delivery of a range of products, from mechanistic to full-field models.
  • Planned and supervised construction & history matching of Lisburne Dual Porosity FFM as well as simulation of potential development scenarios along with impacts of uncertainties, using TDRM ™ - the model was endorsed by pa'tners' for Lisburne simulation work.
  • Supervised a study on gravity drainage efficiency in Lisburne and proper representations of the process in dual porosity models - outcomes were successfully incorporated in the FFM.
Led progression of Lisburne water injection pilots through evaluation, execution and operation
  • Led simulation studies on water injection pilots - resulted in obtaining partners' agreement on conversions of one Alapah and two Wahoo producers to water injectors.
  • Constructed an Alapah reservoir model and conducted a simulation study to quantify the impact of pre-waterflood production on WF recovery - outcomes were incorporated in operation guidelines.
Provided support to Lisburne Base Management
  • Directed the pilot scope definition, influenced well planning, and contributed to well reviews.
  • Provided advice on pilot surface requirements, testing, and operations.
  • Led the formulation and influenced the execution of surveillance strategy.

BP Stavanger, Norway - Jul 2006 to Sep 2010

RE Advisor for Gas Injection EOR and Ula Lead RE for Miscible WAG Injection

Lead for all Ula Subsurface Work and Development Projects
Progressed development projects through review gates, sanction and execution
  • Led Subsurface, Drilling and Completion teams for delivery of the Miscible WAG Expansion Project, re-completion of A12A, re-drilling of A15A and drilling of the first Ula Triassic well - all delivered successfully.
  • Led the designing and implementation of a special lower completion with Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) for conformance in horizontal WAG injectors - successfully implemented in Ula.
  • Led the Field Life Extension project - resulted in field life extension by 3 years, hence reserves add.
Planed, budgeted and managed all Ula subsurface studies
  • Coordinated core/log data integration and analysis for A09A, drilled in a WAG flooded area.
  • Supervised work on improving and updating the FFM.
  • Led the construction and history matching of a new compositional FFM.
  • Designed well test programs and supervised analyses of the field results.
  • Supervised reserves estimation and uncertainty analysis activities, and Foam Assisted WAG evaluation.
Provided advice to Ula Base Management
  • Contributed to the preparation and quality control of Reserves and State reports.
  • Prepared start-up procedures for the first horizontal WAG injector & Triassic well, and worked with Operations to ensure successful executions - the procedures implemented successfully.
  • Led the preparation of WAG surveillance plan and optimization of the Miscible WAG scheme.
Participated in developing Ula Hub Strategy
  • Liaised with the Commercial Team to formulate Ula hub strategy. Directed the preparation of Ula technology plan. Provided technical advice to BP Norway for commercial negotiations - led to importing gas from Oselvar to Ula as part of the Miscible WAG Expansion Project.
  • Led quarterly WAG workshops with Ula partners and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).

Reservoir Engineering Advisor for BP Stavanger
Transferred knowledge on Miscible Gas EOR technology to Ula and other BP assets
  • Ran the 2007 Gas EOR Master Class, and organized PTA and EOS trainings for BP RE's/PE's.
  • Advised the Tambar team on reservoir management, reservoir studies and depletion planning.
  • Contributed to quality assurance of eight Skarv wells and SOR1 approvals.
  • Provided advice in peer reviews, including Kuparuk, Valhall, Hod, Abu Dhabi, and Skarv.
Supervision and Staff Development
  • Took on personal responsibility for two RE's, mentoring one RE and training summer interns. Coached RE's on simulation and WAG management. Participated in interviewing RE candidates.
  • Assisted Ula-North team on subsurface project management.
External Activities
  • Planned and supervised a compositional model study on Miscible WAG upscaling performed by a graduate student as part of his Master's Thesis.
  • Was a member of the Force committee responsible for organizing WAG workshops for NPD.
  • Participated in the Research Council of Norway panel that was charged with assessing grant applications regarding EOR techniques.

ADCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Jun 2002 to Jun 2006

Senior RE: BP Secondee to ADCO Asab Team as Gas Injection EOR Expert

Lead for all Asab Subsurface Work and Development Projects
Contributed to the Asab Field Development Plan
  • A core member of a multi-company team, which formulated Asab Development Master Plan and prepared documentations for review gates - greatly contributed to planning as well as teamwork.
  • Coordinated Business Plan preparations and documentations.
  • Performed economic analysis for various development scenarios.
  • Prepared a business justification document for the "Zone A Production Acceleration Project".
Led Asab Subsurface Projects
  • Responsible for planning, execution and management of all Asab simulation projects, SCAL, EOS and asphaltene studies.
  • Planned and managed a novel project on "Analysis of horizontal wells production behavior using Intelligent Systems" - results were directly used for Asab Zone B development optimization.
  • Planned and supervised Zone B reserves uncertainty evaluation.
  • Contributed to planning of Asab whole-core study.
Conducted and supervised various simulation studies for Asab field development optimization
  • Screened various development scenarios, including WAG, using FFM's and element models.
  • Constructed compositional FFM's for Zones A & B and studied potential development scenarios involving gas / WAG injection.
  • Used Eclipse 100 tracer option to study inverse coning behavior.
  • Used SB-99 model to study rate sensitivity - successfully modeled bean-up and multi-rate tests performance.
  • Studied inverse water coning sensitivity to the production rate for B-Lower horizontal wells, using simulation and field data - outcomes convinced Shareholders to bean-up 20 wells during 2006-07.
  • Performed simulation cases in support of the Asab Development Master Plan.
Led work on management, monitoring, simulation, analysis and optimization of Asab Pilots
  • Responsible for Zone A Gas & Water Injection Pilots and Zone B Miscible Gas Injection Pilot.
  • Performed compositional simulations in support of gas injection pilots, in particular, optimization of injection rate, level of rich gas usage, and the locations for observation wells.
  • Constructed a compositional element model and used it to simulate cases in support of switching to lean gas injection of Zone A Gas Pilot and subsequent conversion to WAG injection.
  • Prepared business cases for switching Zone A Gas Pilot to lean gas injection and for subsequent conversions of the Zone A Pilots to WAG injection - all approved by Shareholders.
  • Designed tracer programs for WAG performance evaluation of Zone A pilots.
  • Supervised a simulation study on a Zone A peripheral water injection pilot.
  • Assisted Operation and Reservoir Management Groups on pilot issues and well prognosis.
  • Prepared well prognosis for several observation wells and Zone A/A0 wells - all successfully implemented.
Staff Development and Team Support
  • Developed technical skills of team members and coached them for presentations to Shareholders.
  • Prepared business presentations and technical documentations for Management and Shareholders.
  • Contributed to technical workshops and peer reviews of ADCO fields and BP Ula field.
  • Contributed to the implementation of team vision, team building and interviewing RE candidates.

BP Technology Center, Sunbury, UK - Jan 1997 to Jun 2002

Consulting Reservoir Engineer (Apr 2000 to Jun 2002)

Supported BP Worldwide Gas / WAG Injection Projects
Managed 6 Technology Projects related to Gas Displacement EOR
  • Miscible Injectant (MI) optimization, Impacts of Capillary Pressure (Pc) on MI recovery, Modeling CO2 4-phase flow, WAG JIP, Tracer JIP, and Foam Projects review.
Conducted simulation studies for various BP assets
  • Directed Ula Miscible WAG study - led to drilling a horizontal well to improve lower Ula sweep.
  • Executed Cusiana WAG study - led to the optimization of WAG scheme and injection locations.
  • Magnus EOR upscaling study - tuned T&L parameters with a compositional model for use in FFM.
  • Constructed Shah Deniz FFM, studied potential oil rim impacts, and designed SDX-3 well test.
  • Studied In-Salah CO2 injection into the aquifer - determined the risks and impacts on reserves.
  • Constructed in-Amenas FFM - used to assess potential reserves range and optimize development.
  • Performed Angola Block 18 WAG Study - used for WAG scheme optimization.
Provided advisory support to various BP assets
  • Contributed to peer reviews: El Furrial gas injection (PDVSA), Forties EOR, Schiehallion EOR, REB gas injection, and In-Salah Gas Project.
  • Advised the Oasis Project on the Upper Zakum gas injection study, simulation and technology plan.
  • Prepared work plans for PVT, SCAL, simulations and gas injection pilot for a BP ME Project.
  • Provided input to PBU GDMI pilot design.
  • Technical mentoring, coaching and staff development, and providing support to simulation users.

Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer (Jan 1997 to Mar 2000)

Provided Consultation to Various BP Technology / Simulation Projects Worldwide
Led studies on Technology Projects
  • Studied impacts of fluid mixing on multi-contact miscible processes and the implications on gridding for modeling BP's MI projects.
  • Led a technology project on dynamic selection of T&L parameters, performed by AEA Winfrith.
Supported BP worldwide on simulation studies
  • Determined the optimum development plan for Bruce A-13 Panel.
  • Converted Bruce black-oil FFM to compositional Eclipse & VIP and updated Miller FFM.
  • Conducted miscible gas injection studies for various BP assets, including:
                - Endicott WAG optimization and tuning of T&L parameters with a compositional model;
                - Pre-test simulation of PBU GDMI coreflood experiments;
                - Sensitivity of PBU MIST process to dispersion.

BP Exploration, Anchorage, AK - Nov 1991 to Dec 1996

Staff Reservoir Engineer (Jan 1994 to Dec 1996)

Responsible for Reservoir Engineering Matters of Prudhoe Bay and Satellite Fields
Led all petroleum engineering aspects of the Satellites
  • Core contributor to a multi-disciplinary/company team charged with reservoir evaluation, preparing development plans, generating production profiles, estimating drilling, facilities & operating costs, and determining the commercial viability of Satellites - led up to the development of Satellites.
  • Prepared appraisal programs for Schrader Bluff and Sambuca in collaboration with geosciences, drilling, completion, and facility engineering teams. Designed well test programs for Schrader Bluff and Sierra Nevada. Prepared internal business plans for the Satellites.
Supported Facility Sharing Agreement
  • Provided technical advice to negotiation efforts regarding the Facility Sharing Agreement (FSA).
  • Led a multi-company team charged with determining the Prudhoe Bay back-out due to Satellites' production - resulted in a back-out calculation methodology that was included in the FSA.
Conducted studies on Prudhoe Bay Pressure Decline Mitigation
  • Studied water movement associated with gas cap water injection - identified a development option with reduced number of wells and 50% saving in CAPEX.
  • Studied impacts of pressure maintenance on oil recovery using analytical and numerical models.
Provided simulation support to Prudhoe Bay Full Field Model Group and Drilling Team
  • Extended the Prudhoe Bay Compositional FFM to cover historical data from 1990 to 1995.
  • Developed an analytical model to estimate over-pressure associated with water disposal in Ugnu.

Senior Reservoir Engineer (Nov 1991 to Dec 1993)

Responsible for Various Prudhoe Bay Reservoir Studies
Worked in a Unit team charged with determining an optimal development plan for Zone 1
  • Studied the infill drilling benefits in DS-11 area using simulation models along with surveillance data - led up to drilling 10 successful infill wells.
  • Studied impacts of reservoir description uncertainties and upscaling on oil recovery from Zone 1.
Conducted Miscellaneous Studies
  • Evaluated benefits associated with gas handling expansion and work-overs using analytical models.

BP Exploration, Glasgow, UK - Nov 1988 to Oct 1991

Senior Reservoir Engineer (Sep 1989 to Oct 1991)

Central North Sea Fields RE
Led all reservoir engineering aspects of Machar, Erskine and Bruce
  • Provided technical support to Development Engineering, Planning & Commercial, and Well Operation groups on all reservoir engineering matters for Central North Sea fields, including:
                - Machar (fractured chalk oil reservoir);
                - Erskine (high pressure high temperature condensate reservoir);
                - Bruce (condensate reservoir).
  • Responsible for PVT, SCAL and Testing Programs for Machar and Erskine.
Conducted simulation studies for the three reservoirs
  • Constructed models and conducted simulation studies to determine optimal development plans.
  • Developed an EOS for Erskine fluids - employed in the compositional reservoir simulation model.

Lead Reservoir Engineer (Nov 1988 to Aug 1989)

Southern North Sea Gas Fields RE
Led all reservoir engineering aspects of five Southern North Sea fields
  • Provided technical support to asset management on all reservoir engineering matters and represented BPX on both RE work group and equity sub-committees for Southern North Sea Non-operated gas fields, including: Pickerill (Block 48/11), Audrey, Sean, Welland and Wissey.
Conducted simulation studies for Audrey
  • Developed a reservoir and facility simulation model for Audrey.
  • Conducted a reservoir study to determine infill benefits for Audrey.

Sohio / Standard Alaska Production Company (BP Subsidiary), CA / AK - Jan 1984 to Nov 1988

Reservoir Engineer

Prudhoe Bay Special Projects
Conducted various simulation and reservoir studies
  • As part of up-structure infill drilling evaluation, developed and used detailed simulation models to investigate impacts of various uncertain parameters on infill recovery benefits - resulted in a Unit agreement on drilling 13 successful infill wells.
  • Investigated merits of non-conventional wells in peripheral WF areas - led up to Y-8 sidetracking.
  • Studied horizontal well water coning and recovery performance. Designed a 3-D simulation model for down-dip peripheral waterflood area recovery study.
  • Estimated Heavy Oil/Tar recovery. Analyzed vertical-to-horizontal permeability. Analyzed pressure build-up in a well with partial penetration (J-18).
  • Developed analytical models for mechanistic study of injected gas advancement and production, and for assessing recovery benefit associated with increased gas cycling.

Prudhoe Bay Full Field Model Group
Responsible for the development, enhancement, maintenance, and application of in-house FFM
  • Developed an automatic time-step option to improve run stability.
  • Developed well management routines to optimize oil and gas production.
  • Renovated gas tracking routine for gas and condensate equity exercise.
  • Improved the implementation of gas-coning correlations for coarse grid blocks.
  • Conducted full field model history matching.
  • Analyzed reservoir performance under various potential field development scenarios as part of Five Year Plan and Long Range Plan exercises.

University of California at Berkeley, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering - Jan 1978 to Jul 1983

Research Engineer (Jul 1982 to Jul 1983)

  • Theoretical study of natural convection in a porous enclosure induced by internal heat generation.
  • Analysis of non-uniform packing, channeling and inertia effects in packed spheres.

Research Assistant (Jan 1978 to Jul 1982)

  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of natural and mixed convection in horizontal porous media with different end temperatures.
  • Development of numerical models and computer software relevant to natural and mixed convection in porous media.
  • Design, fabrication and instrumentation of an experimental apparatus to study thermal behavior of an open porous cavity.

Pullman Swindell Inc., Pittsburgh, PA - Aug 1976 to Apr 1977

Heat Transfer Analyst Engineer

  • Design calculation for heat exchangers.
  • Analysis of thermal gradient in the reactor inner cone due to water-cooling.
  • Transient analysis of HyL product cooling rates in reactors, piles and conveyors.
  • Stress analysis of pressure vessel nozzle necks and vessel attachments using ASME codes.

Fargon Inc., Tehran, Iran - Feb 1976 to Jul 1976

Heat Transfer Analyst Engineer

  • Thermal analysis, design and installation of fresh produce refrigeration units.


University of California at Berkeley, USA

     Ph. D.: Mechanical Engineering, June 1982 (GPA 3.94/4)
                Major: Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics; Minor: Engineering Analysis
     M.S.:   Mechanical Engineering, June 1981

Arya-Mehr (now Sharif) University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

     B.S.:   Mechanical Engineering, February 1976


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