Dr. Rusinek has broad expertise in Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Appraisal, Development and Management as well as in Data/Work Integration into Reservoir Models and Studies


  • Appraising, Developing and Management of Reservoirs with a focus on understanding Reservoir behavior to improve life cycle economics: Integrated Reservoir Studies, Static - Dynamic Data/Work integration; and overall Project integration (Subsurface to Export).
  • Integrating Subsurface/Wells/Subsea/Topsides for Reservoir Management & Reservoir Development.
  • Building "Fit for Purpose" Reservoir Model and applying them to Reservoir Management, Integrated Projects, Reserves and Economics: from simple Analogue based models, through Material Balance and on to Simulation Models of varied levels of complexity: Coarse Grids (material balance), conventional Full Field , Fine Grid sectors models for Complex/EOR Situations; Black Oil and Compositional (EoS and K values based).
  • Reservoir Simulation (Compositional and Black Oil). Characterization of Reservoir Fluids using Equations of State.
  • Reserves Estimation and Bookings. Technical aspects of Acquisitions and Disposals.
  • Simulation of Naturally Fractured Carbonates and of Heavy Oil Thermal processes.
  • Expert user of VIP and ECLIPSE. Experienced with NEXUS. Experienced user of PetEx MBAL and PROSPER.


(1996 - 2016) BP Houston and Aberdeen

2015 - present   Lead Reservoir Engineer , Mad Dog Reservoir Development Team , GoM Deep Water (Houston): Reservoir Engineering Technical Lead for Mad Dog Field and Development Projects. Senior member of a team of RE's. responsible for performance evaluations, forecasting, reserves/resources estimates and bookings; and key data gathering and laboratory evaluations (pressures, fluids and core floods). Activities set applied to: mature producing sectors, development drilling from existing host, major sub-sea Development Project (pre-drilling and near execute gate) and other field sectors in pre-appraisal.

2006 - 2015   Lead Reservoir Engineer , OBO (Operated by Others) Resources Management Team , GoM Deep Water (Houston): Technical Lead working within a very small all-subsurface team, responsible for all OBO GoM DW Fields. Directly responsible for coordinating/leading technical work, reserves documentation and booking, internal support for financial approvals, Operator / Partner technical interactions and internal process compliance for

  • Ursa Hub (Ursa/Princess & Crosby), including Ursa-Princess Waterflood
  • Diana-Hoover fields (until divestment in 2012)
Building/updating simulation and other models . in some cases for other assets (Mars/King). Activity set included: Development Drilling (dry and wet trees, producers and injectors) ; Large Waterflood monitoring and evaluations; Reserves / Resources estimation and bookings. Sub-sea infrastructure expansion. Near field exploration & appraisal. Gas Lift (dry & wet trees). Uphole recompletions in stacked reservoirs and Well work (clean outs, scale treatments and stimulations)

Constantly assessing business drivers / technical effort requirements / people & resource availability / time constraints and impact of possible outcomes, to decide what to work on and what not, within a very tight resources environment. Focal point for Internal Planing and for Operator Influencing and Interactions. Ursa Waterflood: Led the construction and application of Mars -Ursa Compositional Simulation Model (complex black oil type column) :model build, fluids description, upscaling, history matching water flood forecasting, and 4D seismic integration. Waterflood and Injector evaluation and tracking. Linkage with Facilities, Subsea, Completions, Drilling, Finance and other non subsurface teams. Non-Waterflood: Performance/reserves/new wells/well work evaluations using mostly non-simulation techniques/tools like MBAL/Prosper/GAP, analogues, decline analysis and legacy VIP simulation models when possible/appropriate.

2004 - 2006   Project Integration & Reservoir Engineer, GoM Deep Water New Developments (Houston)

  • Shenzi (100% sub-salt): Project Integration and Reservoir Engineer & Simulation for OBO appraisal/development activities as part of a very small team. Responsible for internal Development Plan, Reserves bookings, inputs for economic evaluations and internal approval process, including: fit for purpose - and to available data - scoping sector and full-field simulation models. Development scenarios and estimated cost / production profiles / Reserves w and w/o waterflood. Coordinate, scope and responsible for outsourced efforts in Full Field Model build/simulation, Artificial Lift/Completions, Corrosion/Souring, Geomechanics, PVT, etc. Key player in operator influencing and in moving the project through internal funding gates, and in carrying out a very successful divestment.
  • New Tertiary play (Eocene/Paleocene) very early appraisal: identify and scope longer term technology activities to support exploration success case.
  • Great White (multiple heavy/ shallow light/deeper plays): shared/part time support for reservoir appraisal and FEL. Contributed to improve volatile oil reservoir model and brought-in and coordinated resources to continue compositional simulation effort. Championed evaluation of unconventional options (gas cycling, FPSO).

2001 - 2003   Senior Reservoir Engineer, Exploration & Production Technology Group (Houston)
Leading and carrying out Reservoir Engineering/Management studies for multiple fields as a shared resource (internal consultant).

  • Foinaven (West of Shetlands): Full Field model build and History Match (including driving static modeling and up-scaling), support satellite development planning/target evaluation; Mahogany (Trinidad gas-cap/oil rim H-wells development): Update and History Match preexisting model, infill well location ranking and gas management recommendations;
  • Great White DW-GoM: front-loading RE studies (appraisal) through 2D and 3D models for shallow heavy oil and deeper volatile oi (compositional)l;
  • Ram-Powell DW-GoM Evaluate through-well-bore Gas dumping from virgin sand into depleted reservoir.
  • QHD (heavy oil Bohai Bay), performance outlook and reserves assessment, evaluation of operator.s reservoir simulation models, support for value assessment leading to successful divestment. Nile Delta and ONS (Egypt): early gas & condensate single well performance and reserves evaluations.
  • Amberjack (GoM): satellite sands model build and evaluation. Cusiana Sur satellite (Colombia): improvements to existing History Match (using outside resources).
  • OWJ-B3 (Indonesia) very mature off-shore oil field: support on reservoir performance evaluation/simple model History Match pre water flood and training/coaching of local RE
Other activities Develop specifications for VIP Fault Threshold Pressure Option and assessment of VIP well average pressure options; Evaluation of friction in multiphase flow through H-completions using PLT data . VIP user support and bug identification/documentation. Mentoring and on the job training of junior RE.s through project work (local and in remote sites). Team link to Digital Business for IT equipment upgrades and other issues. Start-up and Coordination of Houston Reservoir Engineers network. ASSET course team (Manage a Company over 10 year cycle in a very intense week using a custom simulation software)

2000 - 2001   Senior Reservoir Engineer, Foinaven Subsurface Team (Aberdeen)
Reservoir Engineering, Management and Simulation activities: New Full Field Model build; Updates and Re-History Matching of existing simulation model for ongoing Waterflood; Reservoir Engineering leadership and support for Reservoir Management ,ongoing infill drilling program and longer term field development plans (including identification of bottle necks: reservoir . sub-sea facilities . surface facilities). Coaching/Mentoring junior Reservoir Engineers in team.

1999 - 2000   Senior Reservoir Engineer, Venezuela Subsurface Team (Houston)
Reservoir Engineering and Simulation support for Venezuela Assets . operated and non-operated:

  • Pedernales, and
  • Quiri-Quire Deep
Reserves Coordinator for Venezuela BU. Support for Pedernales divestment. Simulation support for West of Shetland reservoirs. (Complex Gridding and Eclipse to VIP conversions).

1996 - 1999   Reservoir Engineer, Shared Petrotechnical Resources Team (Houston)
Reservoir Studies for BP in Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, venezuela and Colombia:

  • Neptune/Atlantis: early front end loading studies
  • Pompano; history matching
  • Diana sanction
  • Miller
  • Pedernales sanction
  • Quiri-Quire Deep Gas Cap blow down re-focus
  • Viboral/San Luis discoveries
  • Cusiana

(1991 - 1996) GeoQuest Reservoir Tech. (formerly INTERA Petroleum Division & ECL Petroleum Technologies) Denver, Colorado. Senior Consultant.
Multiple Field Studies, Reservoir Engineering projects, Simulator Testing and Specifications Development and Training activities, both in-house and at client sites. Led and completed studies completed for: ECOPETROL (Colombia), ENAP (Chile); MAXUS, PETROPRODUCCION and TRIPETROL (Ecuador); MARAVEN, LAGOVEN, CORPOVEN and INTEVEP (Venezuela); PEREZ-COMPANC, PETROLERA SAN JORGE, ASTRA and YPF (Argentina), PEMEX (Mexico). Responsible for Latin America Eclipse User Support. Key contact/tester for PVT package and Eclipse 300 (compositional simulator) software development. Large integrated projects directly managed & executed:

  • Muspac Integrated Study (Mexico): Compositional Simulation and Development Planning for a condensate Field
  • Cusiana sanction (Colombia): Compositional Simulation, Development Assessment, Development Plan Evaluation and Reserves Estimation for near critical fluid field with gas cycling.
  • El Tejero-Bosque (giant critical light oil . condensate column) in Eastern Venezuela, early development plan assessment in cooperation with CORPOVEN personnel , coarse grid model build
  • C2-305 reservoir (Lake Maracaibo), History Match and evaluation in cooperation with MARAVEN RE.
Other significant activity:
  • Niobrara formation: H-wells / fractures simulation

(1988 - 1991) Diversey Corporation - Corporate Technical Center - Mississauga, Ontario & The Procter & Gamble Company Latin America - Caracas, Venezuela. Product Development Chemist and Assistant Technical Product Manager
Responsible for developing/adapting products in the institutional and consumer markets.
(1988-1990) Managed a small technical consumer research group

(1981 - 1988) Staff Scientist and Project Leader, INTEVEP S.A., Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. - Los Teques, Venezuela
Project leader with R&D affiliate of PDVSA (NOC - Venezuela), managing (1986-1988) 5 MM$/year in R&D projects. Responsible for R&D and applied reservoir simulation work, mainly related to unconventional reservoir processes and for training new reservoir engineers. Co-authored over 20 internal reports. Activities included: Interfacing with simulator vendors and handling simulator maintenance efforts and agreements, simulator code modifications and enhancement, pre- and post- processing software enhancements, treatment of reservoir heterogeneities (fractures), compositional simulation, thermal oil recovery, reservoir fluid property characterization, simulation of H2S generation during steam flooding, determination of the effective permeability for heterogeneous porous media using perturbation expansions, selection of pseudo components for equation of state characterization of crudes and polymer flow in porous media.

(1976 - 1981) Professor of Chemistry Chemistry Department, Universidad Simon Bolivar - Caracas, Venezuela
Teaching General, Physical and Quantum Chemistry, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Conducting research in molecular reaction dynamics and numerical solution of chemical kinetics problems. Tenured in 1979, Graduate and Undergraduate Student Adviser (1979 - 1981). Responsible for planning and start-up of the graduate program in Chemistry.


PhD Chemical Physics - Indiana University, 1976


English - Spanish (fully bilingual), basic Portuguese

Author of 23 Publications